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The Expository and College Writing Program

Reading and writing are essential and inseparable features of all academic disciplines. The undergraduate core curriculum requires students to demonstrate that they can:

  1. produce coherent texts within common college-level written forms;
  2. revise and improve these texts;
  3. research topics, develop arguments, and organize supporting details;
  4. analyze and develop multiple perspectives, including historical, cultural, and discursive;
  5. demonstrate proficiency in oral discourse;
  6. evaluate their own and others’ written and oral presentations.

To achieve these goals, all Purchase students are required to complete College Writing or its equivalent. Entering students may only be exempted from College Writing by achieving an AP score of 4 or higher. For additional information, refer to the College Writing AP policy for freshmen.

College Writing is taught in small sections in a seminar/discussion format that requires students to achieve proficiency in speaking and listening as well as writing and reading.

Expository Writing Courses

  1. WRI 2052/Writing Memoir (discontinued 4/30/15)
  2. WRI 2110/Advanced Critical Writing Workshop
  3. LIT 3455/Teaching Good Prose
  4. THP 3725/Adapting Literature for Performance
  5. WRI 3785/The Personal Essay

Writing courses (including College Writing) are also available through the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education.

Updated April 30, 2015


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