Casey Haskins, Ph.D. caseyhaskins.jpg

Associate Professor of Philosophy
School of Humanities

Office: 2029 HUM Building
Tel: (914) 251-6588
Fax: (914) 251-6559
Email: casey.haskins@purchase.edu

Dr. Casey Haskins is an associate professor of philosophy in the School of Humanities. His interests include the philosophy of art and religion, American philosophy, and Kant. He is the recipient of the Greenlee Prize and has held fellowships at the New York Humanities Institute and Princeton University.


  • B.A., 1980, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Ph.D., 1989, University of Pennsylvania


  • Lecturer, 1985-86, The University of the Arts
  • Lecturer, 1987-89, Purchase College, SUNY
  • Assistant Professor, 1989-96, Purchase College, SUNY
  • Associate Professor, 1996-present, Purchase College, SUNY

Areas of Expertise
Philosophy of art; philosophy of religion; Kant; American philosophy.

Honors and Awards
Greenlee Prize, 1991 and 1993, Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy; Visiting Fellow, 1995-96, New York Humanities Institute; Laurance Rockefeller Fellow, 1996-97, Princeton University Center for Human Values.

Courses Taught
Aesthetics; Modernism and Postmodernism in Philosophy and the Arts; Philosophy and Film; Kant; Pragmatism; Philosophy of Religion; Knowledge and Imagination; Ideas of Good and Evil; The Romantic Legacy in Philosophy and Literature; Rationality and Relativism; Music, Culture, and Ideas.


Selected Publications

"Dewey's Art as Experience: The Tension Between Aesthetics and Aestheticism." Transactions of the C.S. Peirce Society, XXVIII.2, Spring 1992.

"On the Sources of Aesthetic Scepticism." The Philosophical Forum, Spring 1996.

"Autonomy in Aesthetics: Historical Overview." In: Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, Oxford University Press, 1998.

"John Dewey: Survey of Thought." In: Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, Oxford University Press, 1998.

"Dewey's Romanticism." In: Casey Haskins and David I. Seiple (eds.), Dewey Reconfigured: Essays on Deweyan Pragmatism, SUNY Press, 1999.

"Paradoxes of Autonomy; or, Why Won't the Problem of Artistic Justification Go Away?" The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 58:1 Winter 2000.

"Art, Morality and the Holocaust: The Aesthetic Riddle of Benigni's 'Life Is Beautiful' " The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 59:4 Fall 2001.

"The Disunity of Aesthetics: A Reply to J. G. A. Pocock" Common Knowledge 11:2 Spring 2005.