School of ART+DESIGN
School of ART+DESIGN

Prepare yourself to become a working artist.
If you aspire to become a working artist in either graphic design,
painting and drawing, photography, printmaking, or sculpture, or want
to immerse yourself in the visual arts, the School of Art+Design in the School of the Arts at Purchase College offers the intensity, depth, and excellence you’re looking for.

As one of the preeminent undergraduate programs in the country,
the School of Art+Design is competitive and work in the studios and classrooms is rigorous. But what really sets us apart is, in many ways,
our surroundings:

New York City
In addition to the vibrant artist community here, our nearness to
New York City gives you access to world-class artists and venues that
never cease to inform and inspire—not to mention attract some of the
finest exhibiting artists and educators to our campus.

Neuberger Museum of Art
Located on campus, the Purchase College Neuberger Museum of Art
is the 10th largest university museum in the country—and an ongoing
inspiration for students.

160,000 square feet of art-making opportunity
Our Visual Arts Building is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the
Northeast, providing students with superb studio environments, as well as
state-of-the-art software and hardware specifically geared to the demands
of professional design and art making.


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School of ART+DESIGN