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What Can Men Do?

Men have a voice, too!

Sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking are frequently thought of as  “women’s issues” because the original impetus to bring them to the public arena -- and out of the silence and shame frequently associated with them -- emerged out of the women’s movement.

Increasingly, we now understand that these are broad “societal issues” that  are embedded in our cultural patterns and socialization. Change in our culture and the eradication of violence will occur when everyone’s voices – including men’s  -- are heard.

There is a national movement to include men in the effort to end sexual violence.  See these sites for more information about how men are getting involved:White Ribbon Campaign.JPG

A Call To Men
Men Can Stop Rape
Men Overcoming Violence 
The White Ribbon Campaign

Men who wish to become involved in “speaking out”  are encouraged to:   

  • Know that sexual violence is a men's issue,  as well as a women's issue;
  • Commit to learning more about gender-based violence;
  • Assess the way you use language and your attitudes about gender;
  • Speak up because sexism and other forms of oppressive behavior thrive on silence;
  • Work against all oppression; sexual violence is fueled by all forms of prejudice, including racism, homophobia, class and religious discrimination;
  • Model respectful behavior for others in the community, including your friends but most especially for children. Be part of creating a less violent future.   

The above items are reprinted from www.nyscasa.org

Join the Men's Initiative at Purchase College by contacting Wellness@purchase.edu Participate in any of the following programs:

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Week
  • Sexual Health Awareness Week
  • Sexual Violence Programs
  • Take Back the Night
  • Artists' Showcase
  • Men's Initiative
  • The Clothesline Project
  • The White Ribbon Campaign
  • and more....

Make an effort to show your support and to participate in all of the awareness programs offered by Wellness @ Purchase and the Speak Out! program.  For more information, please go to How to Get Involved.