Purchase Responds

Purchase Responds

Purchase Responds is a commitment by Purchase College students, faculty, and staff to serving communities in need that was formed following the events of September 11, 2001 and then again in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This time we remember the Virginia Tech Community and the tragedy they have experienced.

Originally in support of those two events in our Nation's history, and in support of those in need, the College, working with the Purchase Student Government Association, the Purchase College Association, and United University Professions (UUP, NYSUT/AFT), set up ways in which members of the College community can help those who need it.

As a full member of the New York Campus Compact, Purchase College has implemented many initiatives in support of promoting active citizenship; increasing student involvement in academic and co-curricular based public service; strengthening the capacity of members of the College community to serve society; and working to develop in individual members of the College community the knowledge, values, skills, and habits of civic responsibility and democratic participation. 
To facilitate a coordinated College-wide effort, a web site, Purchase Responds, has been set up to provide information on how you members of the College community can help.

In addition, a student group, PAST (Purchase Alternative Service Trips), was formed within the Purchase Student Government Association to support ongoing service-learning trips to serve those in need. The Purchase Alternative Service Trip (PAST) program develops a commitment to service by providing a unique experience where growth of personal character and a connection between students and community members are cultivated through service to communities of need. The first service learning trip was offered in the Winter of 2006 where 25 students went to New Orleans, Louisiana to help in relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina.

The College appreciates the efforts of the Purchase College Association; Purchase Student Government; Council of Clubs, Organizations, and Services; United University Professions/Purchase Chapter; Center for Student Engagement; the Division of Student Affairs; the Office of the Provost; and the Office of the President for working jointly to help those in need.


Purchase Responds
A joint College-wide effort to help to those in need

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Last Updated: April 30, 2007