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Policy for Students with Disabilities
The College is in full compliance with the ADA and Section 503 & 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Any student who needs special accommodations because of a disability (i.e., mobility, sensory, psychiatric, or learning disability) must contact Qui Qui Balascio, Associate Dean, Interim Coordinator of the Access and Accommodations Office at x6030, a week prior to the semester in which the service is needed. In some instances, as much as six weeks prior notification is needed to arrange reasonable accommodations.

Section 504 and ADA Compliance Officer for the College is:
Ernie Palmieri, Vice President for Student Affairs/Associate Provost for Integrative Learning Student Services Building, Room 323
(914) 251-6030

Section 504 and ADA Access and Accommodations Office Coordinator for the College is:
Lauren Rodriguez, Program Coordinator
Telephone: (914) 251-6035
Fax: (914) 251-5934
E-mail: cou.accommodations@purchase.edu