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Definite Answers to Possible Questions

A user-friendly guide to the room selection process
and other roommate questions.


When and where can I pay my room deposit?

You may begin paying your room deposit at the Office of Student Accounts online at

My friend is STUDYING ABROAD this semester but will return in the fall. We want to live together. Is that possible?

The Office of International Student Affairs has provided Residence Life with a list of study abroad students returning for the fall. If your friend was on that list and lived on campus IMMEDIATELY PRIOR to their abroad semester, then YES, they can go through room selection. They have to go through the same steps for room selection as you do EXCEPT they will have someone (a GROUP LEADER, which can be you if they give you permission to do so) go through the steps for them. (If they are flagged by Student Accounts then the person is probably not able to go through room selection. They should contact a Residence Life Professional staff member ASAP at 914-251-6320)

We want to live in an apartment. She has 24 credits and is taking 12 credits this semester. What are our chances of getting an apartment?

You have to be either 21 years old or have 36 completed credits at the time of application (as in today) to even be eligible to apply for an apartment (except Year Round/ PREP apartments). Also, because apartments are the most sought after type of housing, the more credits you have as a group when you apply, the better your chances are for getting an apartment.

I cannot be here for room selection. What do I do?

You can actually complete the entire process online, so your physical presence is not required at any point in the process.

How do I get my money back if I change my mind about living on-campus?

Room deposits are refundable by June 1, 2014 for returning residents withdrawing from housing only when the Office of Residence Life receives written notification.

The credits indicated on the license agreement are wrong. What do I do?

That information is given to us from the Registrar’s Office. The only way to correct them is through working with the Office of the Registrar - we cannot assist with resolving that issue. Your best course of action is to correct these credits NOW, since it can impact your degree progress in the future.

I don’t have money for the room deposit right now. Can I still go through room selection?

No. All applicants are required to pay a room deposit to secure a space for the Fall 2015 semester. All students that currently live on campus and do not participate in the room selection process by paying a deposit and completing their RLA online by March 30, 2014, will be allowed to pay a deposit and sign up on a waiting list starting April 1st. The list will be ranked based on the date it is received by the Office of Residence Life. Notification of a room assignment will be during the summer and possibly as late as the start of classes for Fall 2015.

How do I qualify for the apartments?

You need to have either 36 credits completed as of the conclusion of the Fall 2013 semester or be 21 years of age at time of selection.

What is Graduate/Nontraditional Housing?

This is apartment living that groups full-time graduate students and nontraditional aged undergraduates (at least 24 years of age at time of selection). You need not have a full apartment roster for these spaces, but you must pay your housing deposit and complete a individual group roster for these spaces.

Who can sign up for a Residence Hall singles?

Students are given priority based on current credits completed. Students must also have a 3.00 cumulative GPA. You must also have a 3.00 cumulative GPA to keep your single. Please remember - there are only 24 TOTAL singles in the residence halls, and many are squatted from year to year, so their availability is very low.

What happens if I don’t have a roommate or apartment mates, but I want a room or apartment?

You cannot sign up for a room without filling the space. You may still contract with us, however you will not be placed in a room until you have been paired up. The only exception is PREP and graduate housing. Students will be placed in the remaining spaces at the end of room selection.

What if I lose my roommate after room sign-ups?

You will be left in your room. However, you will not be able to pull someone into that vacancy. We will assign someone new to campus or from the waiting list to that space.

How will I know if I get an apartment/suite?

When you submit your group roster, you place your group on the list. We then create the order based on the total credits of everyone on your roster. We will email only the groups that we have enough apartments /suites for. If your name does not make the list, you will be emailed to resubmit your group roster for a new housing type.


I need to live in Year Round Housing. How can that happen?

You will sign up for PREP housing. It is for those who need housing while the college residential facilities are closed. PREP is located in Alumni Village. There are two types: those who want year round which begins in May, or academic year, which begin September 4th. Both types will conclude in May of 2015. These are apartment deluxe singles at an increased rate.

Do I have to put my application in with a roommate if I want PREP housing?

PREP Housing is the only type of housing where you are allowed to submit your group roster and license agreement without having chosen a roommate or a group. You can apply for PREP Housing by yourself. Please know that academic year students will be housed with other academic year, and year round with year round students.


My roommate and I want to squat our apartment/ suite. What do we do?

First, make sure that at least 1 of the students currently living in the room/suite/apartment will be returning. (i.e. 2 of 3, 2 of 4, 3 of 6) Then, find the rest of the people to fill the remaining vacancies in the room/ suite/apartment prior to the squatting deadline. The people you pull in have to meet the apartment criteria, which means they have to be either 21 years old or have completed 36 credits at the time of application. (This requirement pertains only to apartments and is not applicable to squatting other housing styles). You must also not be living in a displaced location.

What is a displaced student and what does it mean?

Displaced students are those who are unable to squat their room due to a change in housing types. This means you will get priority in selecting housing of the same type or size. This does not apply to the non-squatable spaces in FYE , Cultural Immersion, Community Assistant apartments, or other select spaces.

What happens if I don’t get what I want?

You must submit re-group and apply for a diffrent type of housing.

What if I want a different room, but want to keep my current room if the new room is not available?

You do not have this option. You must either choose to keep your same room, or to try for a different room. Should you not get what you want, your current room may still be available and you may select it.

I don’t have a preference for a living area. Can you just assign me anywhere?

We CAN assign you to an available space after room selection ends. Make sure you pay your deposit and fill out and submit your license agreement before March 30, 2014. After room selection is completed, all license agreements for which no room was selected will be assigned to rooms from whatever rooms are available. Please note that there is a large demand for on-campus housing and if you do not select a living area, you could potentially be assigned to a residence hall triple.


What is special interest housing, and how do I get in?

These are some continuing and new options available this year. These areas include students with similar interests and focused programming for the theme. They include: Cultural Immersion, Wellness, PREP, and Gender Neutral

Do all options require an application?
No- please refer to the Specialty housing options page for more information.


Non Smoking spaces:

All Residence Halls are nonsmoking. As of July 1, 2007 all apartments will be nonsmoking.

Disability Rights:

Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the recently enacted Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 have greatly facilitated the expansion of services for individuals with disabilities in post secondary educational settings. In order to receive services, students must supply appropriate documentation to Access and Accommodations Office. In cases where documentation is incomplete, the student may be asked to provide additional information. Please note: The submission of documentation does not activate services or accommodations. For more information please contact the Office of Special Services at (914)-251-6390.