Important Registration Note:  Registration for course(s) means you assume responsibility for paying all tuition and fees associated with your registration.  Unless you drop courses or withdraw from the College by the published deadlines, you are responsible for the charges even if you do not attend a single class.  The liability and refund policy is available on the Student Financial Services web page.

Registration Procedures for Nonmatriculated Students

Registration Procedures for Matriculated Student:

Advance Registration begins on your assigned day and time and is WEB ONLY.  The number of credits you have completed (not including the current semester's classes) determines your registation date and time.

1.  Go to
2.  Login with your username (firstname.lastname) and password.
3.  Click on the Advising tab.
4.  Choose the Registration link.
5.  If prompted, enter your username and password in the new window.
6.  Choose the correct semester and click 'Continue.'
7.  Enter your Advisor Access Code, if necessary, and click 'Continue.'
8.  Enter the course and section number, then click on 'Add Course.'
9.  To drop a course from your schedule, click the 'Drop' button next to the course, the click 'Process Drop.'
10   After you have added and/or dropped all your courses, click 'Proceed to Checkout.'
11.  Review your schedule to make sure it is correct.
12.  Re-enter your e-mail password and click 'Confirm/Checkout.' This processes your registration.
13.  To view your weekly schedule, click 'View Weekly Schedule.'
14.  Close all browser windows to ensure your privacy.
15.  Check your Purchase e-mail account for confirmation of your course registration.

If you have any questions regarding the system, or should you encounter problems while using the system, call the Registrar's Office during business hours at (914) 251-7000.

In person registration takes place in the Student Services building. Please see Campus Calendar for days and times.

For in person registration, please bring the following:

  • Completed Registration form with appropriate signatures, or access codes.
  • Completed Special Course Contracts with appropriate signatures

Develop your schedule and alternates with your advisor. All students must secure an Advisor Access Code prior to registering.  (Liberal Studies majors are exempt from this requirement).

It is the student's responsibility to ensure compliance with all college requirements and policies. Check the College Catalog for policy questions
and course descriptions. Descriptions for new courses are listed in the schedule booklet.

Be sure to include all required course sections on your form.
ARH2440.20 Modern Art II - Lecture
ARH2440.02 Modern Art II - Discussion

Sign the registration form and keep a copy for your records and reference.

See the Campus Calendar for days and times of Add/Drop. Students may not add or drop a course after the add/drop period has passed.

All late registrations are subject to a $40.00 late fee. See the Academic Calendar for start of Late Registration period.

Late registrations will be accepted with appropriate late fee in the Registrar’s Office, Student Services Building, room 113, during normal business hours. Students may also register late via web registration, if late fee is paid by credit card.

Each course has a three-letter prefix, followed by four numbers.  The three-letter prefix indentifies the academic discipline.  The four nubmers identify the level: 1000-2999=lower level; 3000-4999=upper level; 5000-5999=graduate level.

(Tutorial, Independent Study, Teaching Assistantship)
Special Course Contract forms are available at Enrollment Services for students who wish to register for a Tutorial, Independent Study, Teaching Assistantship. Special course contracts are due no later than the end of the scheduled add/drop period. Be sure to completely fill out this form and obtain the appropriate signatures prior to registration. Enter the course number on your registration form.
Students cannot register for these courses over the web.

All Seniors register for their Senior Project over the web. Obtain an IAC and section number from your senior project sponsor to register.  Students should register for their senior project for two semesters, four credits for each semester.



Students can search for the most current course information online through the Course Schedule Search

The Learning Center provides free peer tutoring in writing, math, computer science, biology, chemistry, and foreign languages.  In addition, students can receive help with time management, study skills, critical thinking skills and reading comprehension through a series of mini courses in the fall.  There will be some drop-in tutoring sessions in the evenings.  Personal computers and assistive technology to help visually and learning disabled students are available in the Counseling Center.  For more information, please call 251-6488.

If you are Flagged, you may not register or add/drop. To find out if have flags, check at Student Services on the web by clicking the Check for Flags link under the Advising tab on, or check with the offices that indicated they would flag you. You must clear your flag(s) with the appropriate office(s) prior to registration.

To be considered a full-time student, you must be registered for at least 12 credits (9 credits for graduate students). To graduate in four years, a student would have to register for 15 to 16 credits each term. In order to register for more than 18 credits for students in LAS or Art & Design, or more than 22 in Theatre Arts & Film, Dramatic Writing, Music, or Dance in one term, an Overload Access Code (OAC) must be obtained from your divisional Head or Dean to receive overload approval. In order to receive certain forms of federal, state and institutional financial aid, it is necessary that you be registered for 12 credits or more by the end of the Add/Drop period. Please consult with the Financial Aid Office if you are a part-time student.

The internship is a supervised work experience for which the student receives academic credit. It provides an opportunity for the student to gain experience in an area of academic study or in the fields of a student's career interest. The internship site placement should be set up during the semester preceding the commencement of the internship. An extensive listing of internships are available online through Purchase JobScore.  Once the internship has been secured, the student, the internship on-site supervisor, and the faculty sponsor must complete a learning contract. 
The internship must be registered by the last day of the Add/Drop period. See the Academic Calendar for add/drop dates.
Internships are currently available for Sophomore, Junior and Senior studies in the following divisions: Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Music, and Visual Arts.

Further information on the Internship Program and various Internship opportunities may be obtained in the Career Development Center (Student Services Bulding, 2nd Floor)

Final course grades are obtained through the Academics tab on by clicking the Grades and Schedule link.

After Add/Drop, but only until the ninth week of the semester, students can withdraw from a course and receive a grade of “W”. This is a grade representing withdrawal without prejudice and appears on the transcript. “W” grades are not punitive and are not calculated in the grade point average. Forms will not be accepted after the due date.



The SLN is a consortium of SUNY campuses who have joined together to offer graduate and undergraduate courses on-line. Credits earned in the program may be transferable, for all matriculated students, check with your advisor prior to registration. Call 800-875-6269, or visit the SUNY Learning Network Website for more information.

In order to register at Manhattanville College, you must be a matriculated student at Purchase College and be registered for at least twelve credits offered by Purchase. Request permission to enroll in these courses at the Registrar’s Office. Only ten students will receive permission each semester.

For all Manhattanville courses, students must register at both Purchase and Manhattanville and have Cross-Registration Approval form signed by both the student’s advisor and the Registrar. One copy of this form must be presented to Manhattanville at the time of registration. On the Purchase registration form, include the Manhattanville course number. Purchase College retains the white copy of the Cross-Registration Approval form.

Purchase College students registering for teacher education course work at Manhattanville College will be charged the regular Manhattanville College tuition fee plus a registration fee at Manhattanville. Non-teacher education courses at Manhattanville do not require additional tuition, but a registration fee is charged. Spaces are limited. Manhattanville Business, Management, Computers, Studio Arts, Economics, Certification courses, and Independent Study courses are not available to Purchase College Students.

Please note: Manhattanville Business, Management, Computers, Studio Arts, Economics, Certification courses, and Independent Study courses are not available to Purchase College students.

Full time, matriculated, undergraduate students can take part in SUNY's cross registration program.  The intent of a student taking cross-registered course(s) is to complement the student's overall academic program when an equivalent course is not available at Purchase College or the enrollment capacity has been reached in all Purchase College offerings.

Students interested inparticipating can download the Cross Registration Form which includes detailed instructions.