The USIA regulations for J-1 exchange visitors are the same as those noted above for F-1 students with following additions:

*You may engage in either a non-degree prescribed course of study or a degree program.

*You must follow transfer procedures for J-1 students remaining in the U.S. which entail obtaining a release signature from the Responsible Officer at the previous school on the new SUNY Purchase IAP-66 form. The previous school must agree that the J-1 student is transferring to complete the objective for which he or she was originally admitted to J-1 status. Exchange students who wish to remain at Purchase College need to obtain a new IAP-66 form to extend their stay and should see the International Student Advisor for advisement.

*Two year "Home Country Physical Presence" is required of many J-1 Exchange Visitors to allow the home country to benefit from the Exchange Visitor’s experience in the United States. Exchange Visitors come to this country for a specific objective such as a program of study or a research project so the requirement permits a participant to stay in the U.S. as long as is necessary to complete his/her educational objective. It also ensures that you will return and stay at least two years in your home country before coming back to the United States on an employment visa. You may return to the U.S. on a visitor's visa for short trips, however. For the terms of your requirement, please see item 1(e) on the back of Copy 1 (white copy) of Form IAP-66. If you have questions about the requirement, including whether or not you are, or will, become subject to it, please contact International Students Services.