International Student Services


There are several types of F-1 student employment. Please read the following information carefully.

Eligibility and Application Requirements

If you are fulfilling the requirements of the Immigration and Naturalization Service for F-1 status, and are in good academic standing and enrolled in a full course of study, you may be eligible for certain employment opportunities. Specific requirements exist for each type of F-1 employment. Please refer to each employment category below for more information.

Employment is limited to a maximum of 20 hours per week while school is in session, but may be full time during holidays and vacation periods. Certain exceptions to this rule may apply for Practical Training employment as explained in that section.

Applications must be filed with the International Students Services office before you begin working so employment permission can be authorized or recommended. The only exception is on-campus employment.

All employment authorization is automatically terminated whenever a student fails to maintain F-1 status, full-time registration or transfers schools.

F-1 Student Employment