Environmental Health and Safety

Fire Safety Education

Introduction To Fire Safety
This one hour program is conducted for all campus residents at the beginning of each academic year. It is also available at all times for students, faculty, and staff upon request. An abbreviated ½ hour session is available for individual campus departments' which require employee training on building evacuation and the use of campus fire alarm equipment. Course topics include:

  • Fire prevention Strategies
  • Instruction on Use of Campus Fire Alarm Equipment
  • Review of Fire Evacuation Procedures
  • Life Safety Tips
  • Fire Reporting Procedures

Demonstrating the use of a fire extinguisherFire Extinguisher Training 
This one hour program is provided at the beginning of each academic year for all Office of Residence Life Resident Assistants. Training is also available at other times throughout the year. The course consists of ½ hour of classroom discussion followed by an outdoor session where students are given the opportunity to extinguish live fires with a variety of extinguisher types.