Environmental Health and Safety

Reporting Fires At Purchase College

ALL FIRES, no matter how small, should always be reported to the University Police. University Police Headquarters is the central dispatch point for ALL campus fires. Upon receiving an alarm, University Police will dispatch the necessary fire and rescue resources and a patrol unit will guide those resources directly to the scene. There are several ways to report fires.

By Telephone:

Campus phones: Dial 6911 and you will be immediately connected to University Police.

Blue Light Emergency Phones:

There are approximately 25 Blue Light Phones on campus. Simply pick up the handset and you will be immediately connected to University Police.

Fire AlarmFire Alarm Pull Stations:

Pull stations are located in or on every campus building. Activating any pull station will immediately summon University Police. It is standard procedure to also call University Police from A SAFE LOCATION to ensure that they have received the alarm.

Heat Detectors and Smoke Detectors

Certain heat and smoke detectors will activate an alarm signal in the University Police Headquarters, However this is Not True For ALL  heat and smoke detectors. Therefore if you hear a smoke detector sounding and detect smoke or fire:

  1. You should also activate a pull station to activate the building fire alarm system
  2. Call University Police from A SAFE LOCATION to ensure that they have received the alarm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Question  If I put out the fire myself, why do I still need to report the incident to the University Police ?

Answer:   While a fire may appear to be extinguished, under certain conditions it may continue to smolder undetected and may re-ignite minutes, or even hours later. It is best to have persons with specialized training observe the scene to be sure re-ignition will not occur. Also it is important that the cause of the fire is determined so that a re-occurrence is prevented. Any fire extinguishers used to extinguish the fire will also need to be replaced, and alarm equipment reset. Remember, report all fires to the University Police 6911.

2.Question   If I discover a fire wouldn’t the fire department respond more quickly if I call them directly rather than notifying University Police.

Answer:   NO !!! The University Police are trained to deal with such emergencies. They will guide the response units directly to the scene at the best location for staging the response, and dispatch officers immediately to the scene  to faclitate rescue, evacuation, and paramedic support. If you were to call the fire department yourself valuable time could be lost. Remember, always report fires directly to the University Police.