Counseling Center

Counseling and Support Groups for the Fall 2014 Semester

Please note that some groups require a brief information meeting with the group leader, and that meeting times will be decided based on student availability. Please contact the Counseling Center at (914)251-6390 for more information on participation.

Bipolar Support Group.  A weekly meeting for students who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and are currently in treatment.  Students will

·       Share their experiences

·       Benefit from supporting one another

·       Learn to self-monitor

·       Evaluate their strengths

·       Learn the triggers for their mood swings

·       Talk about medication issues

·       Learn healthy ways to cope with the challenges of living with their condition

Day and time: TBD.  Group leader:  Shanaz Moudud.  For more information, email

Stress Reduction Skills and Support.  A weekly support group for students who

·          Feel Anxious or experience panic attacks

·          Feel uncomfortable in social situations

·          Avoid class participation

·          Want to change their social experience at college

Group members will learn to cope with anxiety and stress, identify triggers, and apply new skills in a safe and supportive environment.   Day and time:  TBD.  Group leader:  Cheryl Feigenson, Ph.D, and Meg Sussman, Ph.D. For more information, contact

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 8 Week Workshop: an interactive workshop to learn the skills you need to get you where you want to be in life.   This group is for you if you…

• believe you can’t change

• repeat self-defeating patterns such as procrastinating on assignments

• worry about things that are out of your control

• criticize yourself for things you’ve done or not yet done

• stay in unsatisfactory relationships

• make promises to yourself that you don’t keep

Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and easy-to-understand techniques, you will learn how to change your behavior patterns and habits so that you can make different choices and achieve your goals.  This group will meet for 8 sessions, starting Wednesday 10/1 through Wednesday 11/19/14.  Time TBD. Group leader:  Marilyn Cooperman, Ph.D.

Yoga for Wellness.  Join Dr. Lois Wald, Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Instructor for a yoga class involving rigorous yoga postures, deep breathing, and proper alignment. Careful attention and focus on mindfulness based techniques is the core of this class.  Reduce stress and become more flexible both mentally and physically. You will learn how to relax and find balance in your life, to connect more fully to yourself, your environment and to other people. Open to beginners as well as advanced practitioners!  Bring a yoga mat and bottle of water:

·          Mondays from 10:30am to noon, starting 9/8/14. Location:  The Wellness Center Yoga Studio, 3rd Floor, CCS.

·          Wednesdays from 12:45pm to 2:10 pm in Studio K of the Dance Building. HAS STARTED, come on down!

FRESH Start:  a new psycho-educational group forming at Purchase College available to any First Year student. Co-leaders Cathy VanBomel, LCSW, and Melissa Capozzi.

            When: Fridays at 1:00 pm

Where: Wellness Center

First meeting:  Friday, 9/12/14 – Come to this meeting if interested!  Contact Cathy VanBomel  if interested but have a time conflict.

 This weekly support group provides an open space to explore and discuss some of the challenges associated with college.  The purpose of FRESH Start is to become the best “you” possible. It is about understanding yourself (your triggers and strengths), so that you can better understand how to interact with other people. Topics will include, but are not limited to: transition and adjustment, sources of stress and coping mechanisms, difficult feelings, positive communication, taking risks, culture and expectations, and goal setting.  Come to the first organizational meeting on 9/12/14.