Counseling Center

Individual Counseling


The college years present students with a variety of opportunities and challenges. For some students, adjusting to college, new living situations, social concerns, academic/career pressures, or health or financial concerns may be stressful at times.  Many students encounter problems that are not easily resolvable; or else their usual ways of handling problems don’t work well.  They may find that talking to friends or relatives is difficult or unsatisfying.

Some common concerns confronting students include  stress, social anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, roommate and romantic concerns, self-defeating behaviors, academic problems, substance abuse, sexual orientation and decision-making dilemmas. Counseling can help address and resolve these issues. It offers an opportunity to talk with a professional who can help one learn new skills and ways of looking at situations so that you will be more capable of solving problems on your own.

Below is a list of common reasons why students use the Counseling Center:
• The Counseling Center is a place to benefit from professional counselors, free of charge.
• Counselors are non-judgmental, objective helpers.
• Counselors help one feel comfortable in talking about personal matters. 
• Counseling is confidential.

Initiating counseling and remaining in counseling is voluntary. No information is released to anyone without your prior written consent. If you would like to see a counselor, please call (914) 251-6390 or stop by the Counseling Center located on the Basement Level of the Humanities Building on Lincoln Avenue across from the S2 parking lot. If you feel uncertain about whether counseling is for you, we hope you will make an appointment for an introductory meeting to discuss your reservations with a counselor.

The Counseling Center provides brief intermittent developmental counseling empowering students to learn the skills they need to handle life's challenges.