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The Career Development Center is proud to offer our online job search database to provide job and internship listings exclusively for Purchase College students and alumni.
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**First Year & Transfer students, admitted for the fall, are imported into Purchase JobScore each summer using their Purchase email. Use "Forgot Password" to see if you already have an existing account.**

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Alumni who are registering on Purchase JobScore for the first time should contact the Career Development Center directly to gain account access.  Reach us at 914-251-6370 or by email at  If you had an account while you were a student at Purchase, you should still have access to that account. 

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Updated 7/14

Purchase JobScore FAQs: Students/Alumni

Purchase JobScore FAQs: Employers

NEW Paperless Process for the Academic Internship Program!  The Academic Internship Learning Contract will now be completed/approved on-line through Purchase JobScore.

Student Guide:  Submitting Your Learning Contract for Approval 

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