Advising Center

*Add/Drop (pdf)

This form is used to add or drop courses from your schedule.  It should be turned into the Registrar with your advisor’s signature.

*Declaration of Major/Change of Advisor (pdf)

This form is used to declare or change your major.  It should be submitted to the Registrar with the appropriate signatures.  Make sure you get your advisee file from your former advisor to take to your new faculty advisor.

*Add a Minor (pdf)

This form is used to declare a minor.  You will need to complete this form in conjuction with your Major advisor.  Then, carry it to your minor advisor who will help you with your minor program of study.  Once you have their signature and your major advisor signature, you will need to see the division head.  Once you have that signature, you can then submit it to the Registrar.

*Course Withdrawal (pdf)

This form is used to withdraw from a course.  You will need the instructor’s signature, your advisor’s signature and the dean’s signature.  There is a different form to withdraw from all of your classes when taking a leave of absence.  Submit form to registrar.

*Pass/No Credit (pdf)

This form is used to change the grading of a course.  You can choose pass/no credit to get credit for the course without it affecting your GPA.  If you fail the course, no credits will be awarded and it will not lower your GPA.  Submit to the Registrar. Students must apply and turn in pass/no credit forms by the date published in the Academic Calendar.  This date is always the end of the third week of the semester. Forms will not be accepted after that date.

*Repeat Course (pdf)

This form should be submitted when you want to replace a previous grade.  For instance if you fail a course, you can submit the repeat course form the second time you take the course and it will replace the grade instead of average the two scores together.  Submit to the Registrar.

*Special Course Contract (pdf)

The Special Course Contract is used when you are doing internships, independent studies, senior projects or other similar courses.  You will need the instructor’s signature, the dean’s signature and a description of the nature of the course and the instructor’s expectations.  Submit to the Registrar.

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