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Internship in Child Development
at the Purchase College Children's Center

  • Prerequisites: Practicum in Child Development (PSY3850) or other appropriate coursework, or permission of the Children’s Center director, Pat Amanna, EdD.
  • Hours per week: At least 5
  • Number of weeks: 15
  • Rate of pay: None
  • Academic credit: 2-4, depending on number of hours.

Internship objectives

  • Identify key developmental issues for individual children
  • Learn to organize and head group learning activities
  • Relate concepts of developmental theory to the center’s philosophy and practice

Work responsibilities

  • Understand and implement the center’s educational philosophy
  • Organize and sustain positive functioning of children and adults in group learning environment
  • Maintain communication between parents and the center
  • Advance physical, intellectual, social, and emotional competence of children
  • Contribute to educational planning process
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings

Academic requirements

  • Readings based on interest, discussed with the director and academic sponsor
  • Videotaping
  • Case study of an individual child’s development or analysis of an aspect of the center’s curriculum or functioning
  • Implement curriculum plan

How to register

  • Complete an internship application form, available in Career Development Center
  • Interview with the director and completion of health and NY State screening forms.

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