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Professor of Art History
School of Humanities

Office: 2050 HUM Building
Tel: (914) 251-6580
Fax: 251-6559
Email: jane.kromm@purchase.edu

Dr. Jane Kromm is a professor of art history in the School of Humanities and a member of the interdisciplinary women's studies faculty. Her interests include representations of madness, European painting and sculpture, feminist issues in art history, gender, class, and the representation of criminals, and the history of design.


  • B.S.Ed., 1970, Wheelock College
  • M.Div., 1976, Harvard University
  • Ph.D., 1984, Emory University


  • Lecturer, 1982-83, Atlanta College of Art
  • Lecturer, 1983-84, University of Alabama, Huntsville
  • Assistant Professor, 1984-88, University of Alabama, Huntsville
  • Assistant Professor, 1988-95, Purchase College, SUNY
  • Associate Professor, 1995-2006, Purchase College, SUNY
  • Professor, 2006-present, Purchase College, SUNY

Areas of Expertise
Representations of madness, 1600-1900; European painting and sculpture, 1600-1900; Dutch civic sculpture; feminist issues in art history; history of design.

Honors and Awards
Fellow, 1981-82, American Association of University Women.

Courses Taught
Art History Survey II, Baroque Art and Architecture; Dutch Art; 18th-Century Art; Dwellings and Design in Early Modern Europe; Art History, Psychology, and Psychoanalysis; Feminism and Art History; Feminist Interventions in Art History; Junior Seminar: Goya.

Research Interests
The visual culture of maniacal madness; the feminist critique of the visual arts in 19th-c. European and English writers; collaborative projects between artists and alienists (psychiatrists) in 19th c. Paris; 17th c. Dutch sculpture for workhouses, asylums, and old folks' homes; gender, class, and the representation of criminals in 18th-c. prints.



The Visual Culture of Maniacal Madness. (In preparation)

Reviews, Articles, and Analyses

Exhibition reviews, Art Papers, 1979-83.

Journal and Book Articles

Kromm, J. Forthcoming. Visual culture and Scopic custom in Jane Eyre and Villette. Victorian Literature and Culture, 26.

Kromm, J. 1997. Representing women in political caricature. In: L. Crafton (ed.). New Essays on the Revolutin Debate. Greenwood Press.

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Kromm, J. 1985. Hogarth's madmen. Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes, 49: 238-242.

Kromm, J., with R. Vasile, M.D., and T. Gutheil, M.D. 1982. Occupational therapy in the assessment of a woman accused of murder. Psychiatric Quarterly, 54: 85-96.