Lynn Winters, Ph.D.Lynn Winters

Associate Professor of Psychology
School of Natural and Social Sciences

Office: Nat. Sci. 1026
Tel: (914) 251-6654
Fax: (914) 251-6635
Email: lynn.winters@purchase.edu


  • B.A. in Sociology, 1974, Brooklyn College, CUNY
  • M.A. in Psychology, 1978, New School for Social Research
  • Ph.D. in Psychology, 1987, New School for Social Research

Areas of Expertise

Cognitive psychology; spatial cognition and imagery.

Honors and Awards

President's Award for Junior Faculty Development, Purchase College (1994); New York State Education Department continuation grants for the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) at Purchase, 1993 and 1994; SUNY New Faculty Development Award, Spring 1991; Phi Beta Kappa Society

Courses Taught

Cognitive Psychology; Experimental Psychology; History of Psychology; Introduction to Psychology; Psychology Junior Seminar; Practicum in Child Development; Psychology I: Basic Processes; Psychology of Creativity; Psychology Senior Seminar; Social Psychology.

Research Interests

Imagery and spatial problem solving; strategies for solution of mental rotation problems; development of spatial ability; creative thinking.

Selected Publications and Research

Winters, L. and Reisberg, D. (1988). Mental practice or mental preparation: Why does imagined practice help? J. of Human Movement Studies, 15, 279-290.

Manzi, A. & Winters, L. (1996). Mental rotation and sequential ordering in preschoolers. Resources in Education, in press.

Cornblatt, B., Winters, L. and Erlenmeyer-Kimling, L. (1989). Attentional markers of schizophrenia: Evidence from the New York High-Risk Study. In S. Schulz and C. Tamminga (Eds.), Schizophrenia: Scientific Progress (pp. 83-92). NY: Oxford University Press.

Winters, L., Cornblatt, B. and Erlenmeyer-Kimling. L. (1991). Prediction of psychiatric disorders in late adolescence. In E. Walker (Ed.), Schizophrenia: A Life-Course Developmental Perspective (pp. 124-137). NY: Academic Press.

Bergman, A., Winters, L. and Cornblatt, B. (1991). Methylphenidate: Effects on sustained attention. In L. Greenhill & B. Osman (Eds.), Ritalin: Theory and Patient Management (pp. 223-231). NY: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.