Faculty and Staff Footnotes

September 2008

Awards and Prizes
Conferences, Presentations, and Educational Programs
Recordings, Films, Exhibitions, and Performances

Awards and Prizes

  • Prof. A. Dean Bell, Dramatic Writing, received a New York Emmy Award for his television series “ESPN SportsFigures.” Prof. Bell wrote, directed, and co-produced the series that also won a Hugo Silver Plaque from the Chicago International Film Festival.
  • Prof. Greg Lock, Art+Design, received two awards recently: A New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Mark Fellowship and a New York State Artist Workspace Consortium (NYSAWC) award for his artist workspace and residency program, “Rural Projects.”
  • Edward Stewart, CTS, was reappointed by the University Faculty Senate Executive Committee to the Student Life Committee for a one-year term for the 2008–09 academic year.
  • Profs. Jim Daly and Jan Factor, Biology, have been appointed Leadership Fellows by the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement. This award recognizes their achievement in creating the “Science and the Modern World” program at Purchase, a model for other institutions that are trying to engage students in science by focusing coursework on real-world problems.
  • Prof. Carol Pfeffer, Liberal Studies & Continuing Education, received the Kunst-und Aktionsraums Schillaerpalais Award for the Infinity New York Invitational Exhibition A, shown at the Forest Gallery in New York City and the Schillerpalais in Berlin.
  • Human Rights in Turkey, a book by Prof. Zehra Arat, Political Science, that was published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2006, has received the Choice Award of Outstanding Academic Titles 2007. The citation can be found in Choice (January 2008), p. 778.
  • Prof. Karen Baird, Political Science, received a research grant from the American Political Science Association (APSA), a small research grant program, to help fund her research on HIV/AIDS policies and women of color.
  • Prof. Paul Siegel, Psychology, has been awarded a $20,000 grant from the American Psychoanalytic Association to develop his translational research program on unconscious processes in phobias. This is the largest grant provided by this scientific organization, which awards two to three such grants each year for basic and applied scientific research involving psychoanalytic perspectives.
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded a grant for online collaborative learning to the School of Humanities; the project director is Prof. Jon Rubin, director of the SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). Three faculty members will participate: Prof. Karima Robinson, Drama Studies, on an African diaspora course with a partner in Ghana; Prof. Robert Stein, Literature, on a course on the 12th century with a partner in Quebec; and Prof. Sarah Warren, Art History, on a course on Russian Constructivism with a partner in Russia. Many thanks to Lisbeth Wesley-Furke, Sponsored Research, for her help.
  • Prof. David Grill, Theatre Design/Technology, has been nominated for a Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award for his lighting of The Milwaukee Ballet’s Production of Romeo and Juliet. The ceremony is October 18. Prof. Grill also did the lighting for the Republican National Convention.

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Conferences, Presentations, and Educational Programs

  • Prof. Zehra Arat, Political Science, helped organize and co-hosted a conference on “Nationalism and Human Rights,” held in June in Istanbul. The conference was co-sponsored by the International Political Science Association’s Research Committee on Human Rights, which she has chaired since July 2006, and the Istanbul Bilgi University. Prof. Arat also presented a paper, “Political Parties and Women’s Rights in Turkey,” at the Annual Convention of the American Political Science Association, held in Boston at the end of August.
  • Prof. Michael Taub, Liberal Studies & Continuing Education, conducted a series of public discussions and lectures last August in Chicago. These presentations were part of a weeklong series of Israeli plays, OnStage Israel, produced at the famous Victory Gardens Theater in Lincoln Park. Prof. Taub’s translation of Ilan Hatzor’s Masked was staged to critical acclaim.
  • Prof. Ted Piltzecker, Music, gave a workshop at the Eastman School in Rochester at the end of the 2007–08 academic year. While in Rochester, Prof. Piltzecker headlined at the Strathallan Hotel, performing with members of the Eastman faculty. On a subsequent trip to Japan, he also performed at Technos College with other American and Japanese musicians.
  • Interim Dean Louise Yelin, Humanities, presented a paper, “Visualizing British Subjects,” at the conference of EACLALS (European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies), held in Venice.
  • Prof. Anthony Lemieux, Psychology, recently gave the following presentations: “Terrorist Motivations,” invited by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (U.S. Department of Homeland Security) in Arlington, VA; “Graph Men First Because They are More Normal” at meetings of the Social Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society of the Royal Dublin Society; and “Explaining the Normality of Whiteness,” a talk given on the symposium “How Did We Come to be Normal and Abnormal?” at the British Psychological Society, Dublin.
  • Prof. Beth S. Gersh-Nesic, Liberal Studies & Continuing Education, contributed to a session in honor of Marilyn Stokstad, best known for her numerous survey textbooks on the history of art, with the paper “From the Trenches, or How I Learned to Question Contemporary Conventions and Embrace My Inner Julia Roberts,” at the Mediterranean Studies Association Conference, May 28–30, 2008, in Lüneburg, Germany.
  • Prof. Jason Pine, Anthropology, presented a paper titled “Production, Consumption and Expenditures: A Cultural Analysis of Methamphetamine,” this September at the 2008 Global Conference on Methamphetamine: Science, Strategy, and Response in Prague.

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Recordings, Films, Exhibitions, and Performances

  • Prof. Carol Pfeffer, Liberal Studies & Continuing Education, has two recent exhibitions: “Falling Away,” from August 4 through October 18 at the Lana Sanatorelli Gallery, 110 W. 26th St.; and “The Circular Exhibition,” at the Hun Gallery, 12 W. 32nd St., and the Ho Gallery in Seoul, Korea.
  • Prof. Murray Zimiles, Art+Design, had a recent exhibition of drawings and paintings at the Morrison Gallery in Kent, CT.
  • Prof. Stuart Isacoff, Music, performed at the Roerich Museum in New York in a program consisting of solo piano improvisations. The performance culminated in an improvisation on music by the Russian Romantic composer Alexander Scriabin, to which two members of the Wendy Osserman Dance Company danced.

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  • Prof. Anthony Lemieux, Psychology, has the following online publication with colleagues: Asal, V. H., Lemieux, A. F., & Wilkenfeld, J. (2008), An Experimental Investigation of the Choice of Terror and Support for Taking Action” National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) Research Brief.
  • Prof. Zehra Arat, Political Science, published a review article, The Promise of Economic Rights and the Welfare State, in Human Rights & Human Welfare 8 (2008): 1-15.
  • Prof. Brooke Singer, New Media, is featured in the article Sites for Change in the July/August issue of American Scientist.
  • Creative Writing Prof. Monica Ferrell’s debut novel, The Answer Is Always Yes, was recently published by the Dial Press/Random House. The book has received warm reviews from the New Yorker, Kirkus, and elsewhere. A first collection of poems, Beasts for the Chase, will be published in October.
  • Prof. Lee Ehrman, Biology, has published a paper in the journal Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition with Ira Perelle and Melissa Chanza, based on data collected by Ms. Chanza for her senior thesis, “Human Handedness and Scalp Hair Whorl Direction: No Evidence for a Common Cause.”

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Many of the above awards are supported by funds for faculty development generously provided by Eugene and Emily Grant, and by the Purchase College Foundation.

Faculty and Staff Footnotes is compiled in the Office of the President by Agnes Benis from information supplied by the deans and directors. Professional staff members are requested to contact Fern Becker, president of the Professional Staff Council, or to e-mail news items directly to Agnes Benis.