Faculty and Staff Footnotes

March 2008

Awards and Prizes
Conferences, Presentations, and Educational Programs
Recordings, Films, Exhibitions, and Performances

Awards and Prizes

Gilded Lions and Jeweled Horses by Prof. Murray Zimiles, Art+Design, won the National Jewish Book Award in the visual arts category. The book is a companion piece to the exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum that received rave reviews.

The Purchase College Affiliates are pleased to announce the following Spring 2008 Grants Awards, totaling $8,836:

  1. Suzanne Farrin, Music Faculty: Guest lecture series, “Music in Our Time.”
  2. Bryan Roberts, Advising Center: Junior Day, Apr. 22.
  3. Ernie Palmieri, Phys. Ed. Staff: To supplement equipment for the new Nature and Outdoor Skills Residential Learning Community.
  4. Tim Lampron, Athletic Dept. Faculty: New rehabilitation equipment for the training room to benefit student athletes plus Dance Conservatory students.
  5. Martha McCarthy-Falk, Dance Staff: Bulletin boards for studio scheduling.
  6. Valencia Wallace, Library Staff: Laminating machine and frames for Media Resources Center décor.
  7. Lindsay Randall, Capital Facilities Planning Staff: Signs to encourage recycling on campus.
  8. Nancy Mascolo, Student Health Services Staff: Student Medical Emergency Fund.
  9. Julia Lichten, Music Faculty: Repair of cellos.
  10. Lorraine Miller for Campus Beautification Committee: Tree planting.
  11. Patricia Bice, Registrar: Print material for the main campus kiosk.
  12. Christa Porter, Student Life Staff: Folding tables and microwave for the Commuter Lounge.
  13. Denny Santos, Residence Life Staff: Furniture for the Olde Community Center.
  14. Danielle D’Agosto, Liberal Studies and Cont. Ed. Staff: Liberal Studies guest speakers.
  15. Melissa Jones, Student Affairs Staff: Speakers for symposium on acquaintance rape.

Prof. Lisa Jean Moore, Women’s Studies, latest book, Sperm Counts: Overcome by Man’s Most Precious Fluid, was named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2007 by Choice, the magazine of the Association of College and Research Libraries, and brings with it the recognition of the academic library community. Criteria for the award includes overall excellence and scholarship, importance relative to other literature in the field, distinction as a first treatment of a subject, value to undergraduate students and originality of treatment.

Conferences, Presentations, and Educational Programs

  • Prof. Kathleen McCormick, Literature and Writing, gave a reading of her story “Holy Cards” at the American Italian Historical Association Conference in Denver.
  • Prof. Ahmed Afzal, Anthropology, participated in an alumni panel, After Vassar, at Vassar College in February 2008.
  • Prof. Mary Kosut, Media, Society and the Arts, was a featured guest on “On Point,” a live NPR News program on February 27, 2008. The topic of the program was “Tattoos: From Maori to America.”
  • Prof. Gary Waller, Humanities, co-organized and chaired a conference in March 2008 on Walsingham, the medieval and contemporary Marian Shrine in Norfolk, England, and a major English cultural symbol over the last 800 years. The conference brought together international figures in sociology, theology, history, literature, art history, and anthropology.

Recordings, Films, Exhibitions, and Performances

  • Prof. Nancy Bowen, Art+Design, was part of a group show at the Frederieke Taylor Gallery in New York City from February 21 through March 29, 2008. Prof. Bowen borrows from Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic symbols and patterns to create new signs of meaning in her reinventions of bodies.
  • Prof. Sharon Horvath, Art+Design, is part of an exhibition, “Painting Structures: Specificity and Synthesis,” at the List Gallery at Swarthmore College through March 30, 2008. The exhibit brought together seven stylistically distinct artists who carefully explore built structures.


  • Prof. Gary Waller, Humanities, has published “The Other Virgin: Walsingham and Robert Sidney’s Sixth Song,” in The Sidney Journal 25 (2007), 95-108. Prof. Waller is also editing a collection of essays from the March conference with a colleague. His paper was “The Virgin’s ‘Pryvytes’: Walsingham and the Late Medieval Sexualization of the Virgin.”
  • Prof. Ahmed Afzal, Anthropology, has an article, “Muslim-Americans in a Era of Global Terrorism and State Surveillance,” forthcoming in an edited volume, Shifting Positionalities: The Local and International Geo-Politics of Surveillance and Policing, to be published by the Cambridge University Press later this year.
  • Prof. Kathleen McCormick, Literature and Writing, has recently published the following three stories: “Practice Boyfriend,” The Rambler 4.6 (2007): 34-39; “At the Kitchen Window,” Zone 3 22.2 (2007) 16-23; and “Holy Cards,” Witness 21 (2007): 136-143. Witness is published by the Black Mountain Institute. “Holy Cards” was also subsequently published in Rock & Sling 4.2 (2007): 51-61.
  • Prof. Casey Haskins, Humanities, authored two articles on the topics of “beauty” and “context,” respectively in American Philosophy: An Encyclopedia, published by Routledge Press (2008).
  • Prof. Jeanine Meyer, Mathematics/Computer Science and New Media, has a new book, Beginning Scripting Through Game Creation, published in January by Course Technology/Cengage Publishing.

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Many of the above awards are supported by funds for faculty development generously provided by Eugene and Emily Grant, and by the Purchase College Foundation.

Faculty and Staff Footnotes is compiled in the Office of the President by Agnes Benis from information supplied by the deans and directors. Professional staff members are requested to contact Fern Becker, vice president of the Professional Staff Council, or to e-mail news items directly to Agnes Benis.