Faculty and Staff Footnotes

April–May 2008

Awards and Prizes
Conferences, Presentations, and Educational Programs
Recordings, Films, Exhibitions, and Performances

Awards and Prizes

The 2008 Chancellor’s Award winners for Purchase College are Prof. Murray Zimiles, Art+Design, for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities; Profs. Ronnie Scharfman, Humanities, and Michael Torlen, Art+Design, for Excellence in Teaching; and Officer Cynthia Markus-Jones, University Police, for Excellence in Professional Service. The winners were nominated by their peers and will be honored at Convocation on September 10.

Profs. Rudi Gaudio and George Kraemer, Natural and Social Sciences, are winners of the Juanita and Joseph Leff Senior Faculty Research Award for 2008–2010. The award carries a stipend of $5,000 over two years and the winners will carry the title of Juanita and Joseph Leff Distinguished Professor during this period.

Profs. Jane Kromm and Lenora Champagne, Humanities, are winners of the Doris and Carl Kempner Senior Faculty Research Award for 2008–2010. This award carries a stipend of $5,000 over two years and the winners will carry the title of Doris and Carl Kempner Distinguished Professor during this period.

Profs. Anne Kern, Karima Robinson, and Carolina Sanin, Humanities, Profs. Mary Kosut and Nancy Zook, Natural and Social Sciences, and Prof. Kathleen Tolan, Theatre Arts & Film, are winners of the Junior Faculty Development Award for the academic year 2008–2009. The terms of the award resemble those of a sabbatical leave during which the awardees will be devoted exclusively to their proposal projects.

Prof. Lenora Champagne, Humanities, received two grants, from the Puffin Foundation and from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, toward the production of “TRACES/fades,” the intergenerational play (actors are 18–83) with music and video, which will be featured in the 2008 Ice Factory Festival at the Ohio Theatre, 66 Wooster Street in Soho, July 16–19. This production, a meditation on Alzheimer’s and the American inability to remember history, was developed at HERE Arts Center, with additional support from New Georges and New York Theatre Workshop.

Conferences, Presentations, and Educational Programs

Prof. Lenora Champagne, Humanities, has been invited to be in residence at Voice and Vision’s summer retreat at Bard College this June to commence work on her new play, “Staying Afloat.”

Prof. Karen Baird, Natural and Social Sciences, gave two guest lectures at the University of Texas, San Antonio, in February. They were titled “The Silence is Deadening: Women of Color” and “HIV/AIDS Policies.”

Prof. Marty Lewinter, Mathematics, is a co-author on the following six papers that were delivered at the 39th Southeastern International Conference on Graph Theory, Combinatorics, and Computing at Florida Atlantic University in March. His student, Anthony Delgado, is co-author on five of them.

  • A.Delgado, M.Gargano, M.Lewinter, J.Malerba. “On the properties of k-long numbers.”
  • A.Delgado, D.Gagliardi, M.Gargano, M.Lewinter, W.Widulski. “Subcubes of the hypercube Qn.”
  • A.Delgado, M.Gargano, M.Lewinter, L.Quintas. “Spanning-tree-center vertices of a graph.”
  • A.Delgado, M.Gargano, R.Gargano, M.Lewinter, L.Lurie. “Coalition theory in teaching proof, combinatorics, and set theory.”
  • M.Gargano, M.Lewinter, J.Malerba. “Degree-symmetric bipartite graphs and equivalent representations.”
  • A.Delgado, D.Gagliardi, M.Gargano, M.Lewinter, W.Widulski. “Even-pancyclic subgraphs of meshes.”

Recordings, Films, Exhibitions, and Performances

Prof. Charles Blenzig, Music, recently arranged a program of singer/songwriter Michael Franks’ music for orchestra and jazz quartet. There were two performances in February in Nashville with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. The performances were the premiere engagement for this music and were very well received.


Prof. Lenora Champagne, Humanities, has a preview of Chiori Miyagawa’s play, “I Have Been to Hiroshima Mon Amour,” featured in the Women Center Stage Festival at the Culture Project, appearing in the April The Brooklyn Rail online.

Prof. Lisa Jean Moore, Natural and Social Sciences, is the new general editor of a book series, Biopolitics: Medicine, Technoscience and Health in the Twenty-First Century, from NYU Press. The Biopolitics series examines the intersection of various practices of medicine and technoscience with human bodies and lives through an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing in particular on ways in which the practices of medical, technological and scientific institutions function in the modern world. The series also seeks to understand how society and culture foster the new developments in these fields that “work on” human bodies. Prof. Moore welcomes submissions of book proposals and manuscripts by Purchase faculty.

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Many of the above awards are supported by funds for faculty development generously provided by Eugene and Emily Grant, and by the Purchase College Foundation.

Faculty and Staff Footnotes is compiled in the Office of the President by Agnes Benis from information supplied by the deans and directors. Professional staff members are requested to contact Fern Becker, vice president of the Professional Staff Council, or to e-mail news items directly to Agnes Benis.