Faculty and Staff Footnotes

November 2005

Awards and Prizes

The Purchase College Affiliates has announced the following Fall Grants Awards, totaling $5,250:

  • Bryan Roberts, Advising Center, for Sophomore and Junior Days
  • Lynn Mahoney, Student Affairs, Information books for Student Task Force
  • Nancy Mascolo, Staff, Transportation expenses for students for medical treatment
  • Prof. Brooke Singer, New Media, New media kiosk
  • Prof. Alfred Hunt, Humanities, Development of a History Club
  • Lorraine Miller, Staff, Transfer of film students’ films to DVDs
  • Profs. Nancy Zook and Linda Bastone, Natural and Social Sciences, Books, tapes, and publications for the Psychology Resource Room
  • Prof. Howard Enders, Dramatic Writing, Program of faculty interviews with professional dramatic writers
  • Prof. Nancy Bowen, Art+Design, DVD New Media Works Set
  • Prof. Jim Daly, Natural and Social Sciences, camping equipment
  • Deirdre Colby Sato, Student Affairs, has been named the lead Academy trainer for NAFSA: Association of International Educators in New York and New Jersey. Designed for new professionals, the Academy is a national 13-month training and mentoring program consisting of a series of intensive training models covering 11 areas of education. Ms. Sato will be trainer/coordinator for four conferences in 2005-06.

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Conferences, Presentations, and Educational Programs

  • Prof. Kathleen McCormick, Writing and Literature, has recently given three presentations/readings: “History, Culture, and Cultural Studies in the Freshman Writing Curriculum” at Montclair State University; “Processes of Writing Creative Non-Fiction: Analyzing Theme and Symbols in ‘Why is God in Daddy’s Slippers’” at Fordham University, Lincoln Center; and “Assignment 13: Compare and Contrast Two of Your Relatives” at the American Italian Historical Association Conference, Los Angeles.
  • Susanne Markgren, Systems/Electronic Resources Librarian, gave a presentation, “Changing Roles and Redefining Goals: The Five Year Itch,” with a colleague at the Eastern New York Chapter/Association of College & Research Libraries Fall Conference 2005, Transitions: New Directions in Librarianship, at Vassar College.
  • Prof. Lenora Champagne, Humanities, was a panelist on “Koltes Unplugged,” hosted by Translation Think Tank as part of the “Carte Blanche French-American Theatre Dialogue Series” at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Centre, CUNY Graduate Center.
  • Prof. Dana-Ain Davis, Anthropology, has been invited to give a lecture at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, on November 28. The title of the talk is “Narrating the Mute: Racialization and Racism.” It is being sponsored by the Anthropology and Sociology Departments, as well as the Trotter Institute and Latino Studies. Prof. Davis will present at the Presidential Panel on same-sex marriage at the Anthropological Association meetings in Washington, D.C., on December 2. In addition, a paper co-authored with Susan Hyatt, “Being Raised to Give Back: Restoring Agency to Low-Income Girls Through Participatory Research” has also been accepted as part of a session on the Power of Girls. Prof. Davis has also organized an invited session for the Anthropological Association meetings, “Revisiting Feminist Ethnography: Reflections on Fieldwork, Activism and Academe.” This session revisits the long-standing question, “Can there be a feminist ethnography?,” articulated by Judith Stacey in 1988.

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Recordings, Films, Exhibitions, and Performances

  • An excerpt of Prof. Lenora Champagne’s (Humanities) new play, TRACES/fades, under her direction, was presented by HERE Art Center. The play will also be performed at HERE on January 19 and 20, 2006.
  • Tango Ruben by Prof. Ted Piltzecker was performed with colleagues from the classical department of the Conservatory of Music for the Composers’ Concert at the College on Nov. 10. Prof. Piltzecker is also organizing and performing in a program about New Orleans jazz for children in Bergen County, NJ, in December.
  • Prof. Tara Helen O’Connor, Music, is collaborating with Prof. Bradley Brookshire, Music, on a Bach recording scheduled for release in January 2006. Dawn Upshaw and the Andalucian Dogs, an ensemble that includes Prof. O’Connor, will perform Ayre, a song cycle commissioned by Carnegie Hall, at the Barbican in London in January 2006 and at the Lincoln Center Festival in February 2006.
  • Prof. Joe Ferry, Chair of the Studio Production Program, is producing the third CD for Larchmont Recordings, Celebrating the Music of Okeh Records, which will feature blues great Michael Hill as well as the world renowned guitarist and Purchase College Jazz Studies faculty member John Abercrombie.

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  • Embarkation by Prof. Harriet Shorr, Art+Design, appeared in Harper’s Magazine in the October issue on p. 26.
  • Prof. Joe Ferry, Music, recently reached an agreement with Dr. Licks Publications to co-write a history of Jamaican music from 1945 to the present.

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Many of the above awards are supported by funds for faculty development generously provided by Eugene and Emily Grant and by the Purchase College Foundation.

Faculty and Staff Footnotes is compiled in the President's Office by Agnes Benis from information supplied by the Deans and Directors. (Professional staff members are requested to e-mail news items to Patty Bice or Bill Guerrero, Co-Presidents of the Professional Council of Employees, or directly to Agnes Benis.)