Faculty and Staff Footnotes

May 2007

Awards and Prizes
Conferences, Presentations, and Educational Programs

Awards and Prizes

  • The 2007 Chancellor’s Award winners for Purchase College are:
    • Prof. Lenora Champagne, Humanities, for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities
    • Prof. Geoffrey Field, Humanities, for Excellence in Teaching
    • Prof. Ronnie Halperin, Natural and Social Sciences, for Excellence in Faculty Service
    • Eric Wildrick, Art+Design, for Excellence in Professional Service
    The winners were nominated by their peers and will be honored at Convocation on September 12.
  • The winner of the Milwaukee Ballet’s International Choreographic Competition is Nelly van Bommel, Dance. A panel of judges from around the nation chose Ms. van Bommel from more than 50 entrants. Her 20-minute piece was set to excerpts from “Concerto Ripieno” by Antonio Vivaldi and “Stabat Mater” by Giovanni Pergolesi and incorporated contemporary ballet and modern movements with theatrical elements.
  • Prof. Kate Gilmore, Art+Design, won the coveted John Armstrong Chaloner/Jacob H. Lazarus-Metropolitan Museum of Art Rome Prize for 2007–2008. Prof. Gilmore is the temporary full-time faculty member in video this year and is reputedly the youngest recipient of the prize.

Conferences, Presentations, and Educational Programs

  • Prof. Emeritus Kenley R. Dove, Philosophy, participated in The Oxford-New York Conference in Honor of The New York Review of Books, “The New Face of American Capitalism and Its Impact on the World,” at Oxford University on May 5–6. Speakers included Senator Bill Bradley, Ronald Dworkin, Timothy Garton Ash, Tony Judt, Paul Krugman, Alan Ryan, Amartya Sen, Richard Sennett, Robert Skidelsky, and George Soros.
  • Prof. Greg Lock, Art+Design, presented “Commuting and the Shingling Fool,” video and stereoscopic digital prints based on the visualization of his commute to and from Purchase. His presentation was part of the conference “At the Intersection: A Conversation Between Art & Science On Information Visualization” at SUNY Oswego.
  • Prof. Lisa Keller, Humanities, was commentator at the panel on “Class, Ideology and Identity in Modern England” at the Mid-Atlantic Conference of British Studies, held at the University of Maryland.
  • Paul Nicholson, director of special programs and ombudsperson, moderated a session at the Tri-State Consortium of Opportunities Programs conference recently in Tarrytown. The session was entitled “Counseling Strategies to Promote Academic Attainment.”
  • Prof. Jennifer Uleman, Humanities, presented her paper, “Everyday Noumena: The Fact and Significance of Ordinary Intelligible Objects,” to the Philosophy Department at the CUNY Graduate Center. She also served as invited commentator on “Nonsense and Things in Themselves” by Andrew Janiak at the North American Kant Society meeting at the American Philosophical Association Central Division Meetings in Chicago and as commentator on “Why Should Humanity, Not the Good Will, Be Treated as an End in Itself?” by Zachary Hoskins at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division Meetings in San Francisco.
  • Prof. John Forrest, head of Anthropology and Sociology, did an interview for WNYC concerning Tristan und Isolde for their series “The Tristan Mysteries” (courtesy of Profnet). The material was on the air May 2.


  • Librarian Susan Markgren co-authored an article, “The Five-Year Itch: Are Libraries Losing Their Most Valuable Resources?” for the prominent library science journal Library Administration & Management, Spring 2007, Vol. 21, Iss. 2, pgs. 70–76.
  • Prof. Kimberly Christensen, Natural and Social Sciences, has an article, “Campaign Finance and Electoral Reform: A Feminist Economics Perspective,” published in the Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal, Vol. XXIV (2005–2006, which just came out in 2007), p. 131–209.

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Many of the above awards are supported by funds for faculty development generously provided by Eugene and Emily Grant, and by the Purchase College Foundation.

Faculty and Staff Footnotes is compiled in the Office of the President by Agnes Benis from information supplied by the deans and directors. Professional staff members are requested to contact Anne Bradner, president of the Professional Staff Council, or to e-mail news items directly to Agnes Benis.