Conservatory of Theatre Arts / School of Film and Media Studies
Playwriting & Screenwriting Faculty (Board of Study)

Playwriting Faculty (Conservatory of Theatre Arts):

Christina Anderson
Visiting Assistant Professor of Playwriting
BA, Brown University; MFA, Yale School of Drama. |

Andy Bragen
Lecturer in Playwriting
BA, The Johns Hopkins University; MFA, Brown University. |

Anna Brenner
Lecturer in Playwriting
BA, University of Chicago; MFA, Columbia University. |

Martyna Majok
Lecturer in Playwriting
BA, University of Chicago; MFA, Yale School of Drama. |

Peggy Stafford
Lecturer in Playwriting
BA, Seattle University; MFA, Bennington College. |

Screenwriting Faculty (School of Film and Media Studies):

A. Dean Bell
Visiting Assistant Professor of Screenwriting

BFA, Purchase College. |

Susan Kouguell
Lecturer in Screenwriting
BA, Purchase College. |

Eric Mandelbaum
Lecturer in Screenwriting (part-time)
BFA, Purchase College.

Edward Pomerantz
Associate Professor of Screenwriting
BA, City College of New York; MFA, Yale School of Drama. |

John Young
Lecturer in Screenwriting and Film
BFA, Purchase College. |

J.D. Zeik
Assistant Professor of Screenwriting and Film (part-time)
BA, Purchase College.

Updated Nov. 6, 2014

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