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Continuing Education - Undergraduate Credit

Summer 2015 Credit Courses: Communications/Writing

BA in Liberal Studies: Communications/Media Studies

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online courses iconCollege Writing
An intensive course, by the end of which students are able to do the following:

  1. Produce coherent texts within common college-level written forms.
  2. Apply critical-thinking skills to evaluate their own and others’ assignments.
  3. Take a position of their own and develop an argument, using supporting details.
  4. Synthesize materials from various kinds of texts.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to revise and improve their papers.
  6. Use course concepts to develop in-depth readings of texts and critically literate written papers.
  7. Research a topic in detail and write a coherent, well-organized paper that develops an argument in dialogue with source texts.
  8. Demonstrate proficiency in oral discourse.
  9. Evaluate an oral presentation.
  10. Perform the basic operation of computer use.
Note: This course is 100 percent online; please visit for details.
Fee: $20
WRI1110 / 4 credits
Marie McGrath
Session II: June 8–July 23

online courses iconCreative Writing Workshop
This course allows students to explore various genres, including poetry, the short story, and the memoir. Students should be prepared to write, revise, and share portions of their work with the class and to read a selection of works by contemporary authors.
Note: This course is 100 percent online; please visit for details.
Prerequisite (for WRI3160): WRI 2160 or CWR 1010
WRI2160 / 4 credits
WRI3160 (Advanced) / 4 credits
Marie McGrath
Session I (Intensive): May 18–June 5

**CANCELLED** Screenwriting I
Refer to Film Courses for description.

Updated May 28, 2015

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