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Continuing Education - Youth and Precollege

Summer 2013 Youth Programs in the Arts:
Young Writers

stock image of young girl writing Grades 3–8

Typical Day

Develop your child’s already-awakened writing interests or help your child gain strength in this area! Young Writers provides an introduction to multiple genres, such as poetry, short fiction, playwriting, fantasy, and personal narrative. Students participate in a variety of writing exercises covering such topics as voice, character, and narrative. They will critique and revise their work under the guidance of accomplished instructors. Young Writers is designed to foster creativity and imagination—and to help boys and girls discover and develop their innate gifts and talents. Our instructors are highly imaginative educators, dedicated to making writing an adventure and a lifelong joy.

To broaden exposure to the arts, Young Writers can be combined with Young Artists, Young Chess Masters (new!), Young Architects, Young Actors, Young Bards, Young Photographers, Young Filmmakers, the Young App Creators and Designers (new!), Songwriting Workshop, and/or Choral Conservatory to make for a well-rounded summer experience.

Session II: July 15–26
Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
$1,115 for the first registration
$1,000 for the second registration in the family, Purchase College employees and alumni, and early registrations (received by May 3, 2013)

About the Instructors

Kelly Fargo (Lead instructor) holds an MS in Literacy & Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Saint John's University and a BS in Elementary Education with a focus on English. Kelly currently works with students from kindergarten to eighth grade focusing on strengthening literacy skills.  She promotes a combination of literature and real-life inspiration with her students throughout  the writing process.

Updated July 5, 2013