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Summer 2014 Youth Programs in the Arts:
Young Filmmakers

two student fillmakers

Grades 4–8

Typical Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Write, direct, edit, and act in original movies, while learning the art of visual storytelling. New and returning students learn how to tell a story through images. They develop strong plot lines, build shot compositions, direct actors, practice set etiquette, and edit their work. Students gain comfort with a digital video camera and lighting equipment.

  • Students must supply their own MiniDV, internal hard drive, digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera, or flash memory digital camcorders. DVD and Flip camcorders are not recommended. (Bring your manuals too!)
  • Gratuitous violence, use of guns, and/or offensive language are not permitted.
  • Family and friends are invited to a screening of selected works by each student on the last day of the session.

young filmmakers in computer labTo broaden skills and exposure to the arts, Young Filmmakers can be combined with Young Artists, Young Nature Explorers (new!), Creating Comic Books, Video Game Creators and Animators, Minecraft™ Designers and 3-D Video Game Creators (new!), Youth Musical Theatre, Young Actors, Young Photographers, the Songwriting Workshop, and/or Creative Vocal Lab to make for a well-rounded summer experience.

Session III: July 28–August 8
Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
$1,165 for the first registration
$1,048.50 for the second registration in the family, Purchase College employees and alumni, and early registrations (received by May 2, 2014)

About the Instructor

John Morgan (lead instructor) worked as a film editor at a renowned visual effects house R/GA Digital Studios in New York City before becoming a full-time teacher. Working alongside top commercial directors, designers, animators, and digital compositors, he helped create ground-breaking special visual effects for motion pictures and television. Trained in both 35mm film and computer-based editing, he has cut everything from TV commercials and documentary films to motion picture special effects and main title sequences. He enjoys teaching and learning from students who share his passion for film. This will be John’s fourth year teaching Young Filmmakers.

Michael Oshins (instructor) has a BFA in film from Purchase College and is an assistant editor at BobcatTV, Byram Hills School District’s local television station. His senior thesis film at Purchase, That Old Feeling, dealt with the hardships of Alzheimer’s disease and was selected to receive the program’s prestigious Saul Turell Award. Michael’s current focus is in cinematography and visual storytelling. He is thrilled to be a part of this exciting program.

Posted Aug. 27, 2014