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stock image of credit card buying onlineRegistration Payments for Credit Courses

Payments by check, money order, and credit card are accepted. Please do not mail or bring cash.

For Visiting Students—Register First, Pay Your Bill Later:
Full payment for credit course registrations is due no later than the due date on your bill. (You will be notified by mail and email when your bill is available for viewing online.) If full payment is not received by the specified due date, your course registration will be dropped, and you will need to re-register and pay.

Payment by Credit Card
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
Credit Card Authorization (PDF)

Payment by Check or Money Order
Make payable to Purchase College, and write your name, Purchase identification number (PID) if you are a returning student, phone number, and course number(s) on the back. If you are paying for another person, write his or her name, PID number (if he or she is a returning student), and course number(s) on the back of the payment.

Updated Sept. 25, 2014

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