Spring 2012 Courses

Current Social Issues and the Law
Focuses on current legal issues such as abortion, the death penalty, and affirmative action. The pivotal Supreme Court cases establishing the law in each area are read. In addition, research in sociology and psychology is examined to understand the conditions that led to the key court decisions and the impact of those decisions on society.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
CSO3300.20 / 4 credits
Charlotte Ramsey
Mon., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Jan. 23–May 7 (no class April 9)
Location: Room 2113, AC II
» Core curriculum/general education requirement: Social Sciences
» Upper-level social sciences credit
» Legal studies elective

Advanced Psychology of Communication
This course focuses on understanding communication in relationships (interpersonal) and within the mind (intrapsychic: thinking, alone time, analyzing, understanding the external world and how one communicates internally). Topics include communication styles and communication in the intimate relationship, within the family, and at the workplace.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
BPS3369.46 / 4 credits
CSS3369.46 / 4 credits
Donna Hart
Tues., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Jan. 24–May 8 (no class April 10)
Location: Room 1106, AC I (changed 1/23/2012)
» BPS3369.45: Upper-level natural sciences credit
» CSS3369.45: Upper-level social sciences credit
» Communications/media studies requirement

American History and Society Through Music
A narrative survey of U.S. history from the colonial period to the present through an exploration of its musical history. The course investigates America’s fundamental principles of politics, its primary social issues, and its wealth of aesthetic musical initiatives. Students examine the unity, diversity, originality, and adaptability of significant political, social, and musical institutions.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
AHI3115.46 / 4 credits
EMT3115.46 / 4 credits
James Koeppel
Wed., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Jan. 25–May 9 (no class April 11)
Location: Room 2325, AC II
» Core curriculum/general education requirement: American History (Humanities group)
» AHI3115.45: Upper-level humanities credit
» EMT3115.45: Upper-level arts credit

Film and Artistic Expression
The most successful films function as both art and entertainment; students explore why this balance is a rare achievement. Topics include the business origins and aspects of cinema, films that concern and depict artistic process, and a critical/historical evaluation of films as works of art. Film aesthetics are examined from several perspectives, including grammar, genres and forms, and auteur theory.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
CSS3015.45 / 4 credits
FTF3015.45 / 4 credits
Richard Connolly
Thurs., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Jan. 26–May 10 (no class April 12)
Location: Room 1106, AC I
» Core curriculum/general education requirement: The Arts
» CSS3015.45: Upper-level social sciences credit
» FTF3015.45: Upper-level arts credit
» Communications/media studies requirement (upper-level survey of film)

Updated Jan. 23, 2012

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