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Spring 2009 Courses

Sports Psychology
A critical examination of the psychological variables that affect athletes and their performance, with emphasis on the social-emotional, cognitive, and developmental aspects of sports participation. The impact of social-psychological conditions on athletes is explored from historical, conceptual, and practical perspectives. Topics include understanding the nature of competition, women in sports, team vs. individual participation, coping with anxiety and maintaining self-esteem, imagery and intervention strategies, and children’s participation in sports.
BPS3130.20 / 4 credits
Jessyca Arthur
Mon., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Jan. 26–May 11
Location: Academic II, Room 2113

Understanding Moral Problems
Representative problems of business, legal, medical, environmental, and personal ethics (e.g., violence, discrimination, capital punishment, abortion, euthanasia, conservation, sexual morality) are covered. Emphasis is placed on learning to think about and discuss these issues clearly and objectively, rather than on abstract ethical theories.
APH3350.21 / 4 credits
Evan Kobolakis
Tues., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Jan. 27–May 12
Location: Academic I, Room 1106

Film and Artistic Expression
The most successful films function as both art and entertainment; students explore why this balance is a rare achievement. Topics include the business origins and aspects of cinema, films that concern and depict artistic process, and a critical/historical evaluation of films as works of art. Film aesthetics are examined from several perspectives, including grammar, genres and forms, and auteur theory.
CSS3015.45 / 4 credits
FTF3015.45 / 4 credits
Richard Connolly
Wed., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Jan. 28–May 13
Location: Academic II, Room 2323

Law and the Family
The law touches everyone from conception to the grave and beyond. Family interactions between spouses, parents, children, and elders are dictated by rights and duties defined in the law. This course explores how the law weaves in and out of family structures in an attempt to protect and preserve certain rights and values.
CSO3475.21 / 4 credits
Arnold Streisfeld
Thurs., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Jan. 29–May 14
Location: Academic I, Room 1110

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