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Spring 2005 Courses

Understanding Moral Problems
The increasing complexity of the contemporary world has given rise to a number of novel yet pressing problems of concern to everyone. Philosophy can help us to recognize and understand, if not always solve, these problems. Representative problems of business, legal, medical, environmental, and personal ethics - such as violence, discrimination, capital punishment, abortion, euthanasia, conservation, and sexual morality are covered. Emphasis is placed on learning to think about and discuss these issues clearly and objectively, rather than on abstract ethical theories. This approach makes the course ideal for anyone who is interested in becoming a more thoughtful and articulate member of society. Noncredit spaces are limited.
APH3350.21 (4 upper-level Humanities credits, Western Civilization general education requirement)

Religion and Psychology
This course will give students an understanding of psychology in relation to religion. We will explore religion - its definition, its personal meaning to people, and its social and political meaning in the community. We will discuss the importance of ritual and look at conversion to understand its meaning. In the middle of the course, we will focus on such theorists as Freud, Jung, and Maslow and discover the role religion played in their theories. We will end the course looking at the role religion and culture play in psychotherapy and examining the difference between religions and cults.
BPS.3245.45 (4 upper-level Natural Science credits)
AHU.3245.45 (4 upper-level Humanities credits)

History of Film
In this course we examine how history has been portrayed on the silver screen, a topic recently dramatized by Oliver Stone’s controversial JFK. What responsibility do directors assume in presenting their subjective view of historical events? Should filmmakers be held accountable because much of the viewing public accepts anything on the screen as “the truth”? To address these and related questions we examine historical depictions in early cinema, American and European history on film, the documentary film, and the cinematic presentation of film history itself. Finally, we take a close look at Stone’s JFK and the various controversies it generated.
CSS.3550.45 (4 upper-level Social Science credits)
FTF.3550.45 (4 upper-level Art credits)

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The Psychology of Personal and Social Change
This course focuses on the evolution and development of human consciousness by exploring both theoretical foundations and practical techniques, which focus on the integration of body, mind and spirit. It is designed to enhance self-awareness skills and strategies that will facilitate not only personal growth/self-improvement on an individual basis, but also in the contexts of family, community and the planet at large.
BNS3525.45 (4 upper-level Natural Science credits)
CSO3525.45 (4 upper-level Social Science credits)

Senior Capstone
This course is a graduation requirement for matriculated students in Purchase College at Rockland Community College program, to be completed on the Westchester campus. It is an intensive research and writing course. The purpose of the Senior Capstone course is to enable students to synthesize their individual learning experiences by completing part of their autobiography.
Note: This course is a requirement for all Purchase College at Rockland Community College program students. All other matriculated students must obtain an Advisor Access Code (AAC) from the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education. Effective Fall 2005, all newly matriculated Liberal Studies students will be required to complete the Senior Capstone course in the last year of their degree.

Section A:
AHU4990.45 (4 upper-level Humanities credits)
CSS4990.45 (4 upper-level Social Science credits)

Section B:
AHU4990.46 (4 upper-level Humanities credits)
CSS4990.46 (4 upper-level Social Science credits)

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