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Fall 2007 Courses

Conflict Resolution
An introduction to dispute resolution techniques (negotiation, mediation, arbitration) increasingly used in the courts as alternatives to the trial process and in schools and communities to resolve personal, social, and political conflicts. Procedures like mini-trials, early neutral evaluation, and settlement conferences are also covered. Students develop dispute resolution skills while practicing in structured role-play.
CSO3010.21 / 4 credits
Cort Engelken
Mon., 6:30–10:05 p.m.
Sept. 10–Dec. 10
Location: Academic II, Room 2111 (room updated 08/29/07)

Crime and Delinquency
Crime and delinquency are analyzed as social phenomena, and their relationship to various social institutions is examined. Students are also given an overview of the theories of crime causation, as well as the nature and role of the police, courts, and prisons in society.
CSO3550.21 / 4 credits
Dwayne McCullough
Tues., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Sept. 4–Dec. 11
Location: Academic II, Room 2206 (room updated 08/29/07)

CANCELLED 08/24/07: 20th Century World Literature
Students are encouraged to consider world literature of the 20th century as it reflects and generates discussion of national and international boundaries, politics, religion, freedom, nationalism, sexuality, gender, and identity. Through reading and analysis of a broad cross-section of contemporary writings by international and American authors, students can experience the diverse riches of world literature. Primarily short stories, the readings facilitate discussion of the global mosaic of social norms and values, our similarities and differences, and the diversity of global literary tradition.
ALI3205.20 / 4 credits
Instructor TBA
Wed, 6:30–10:05 p.m.
Sept. 5–Dec. 12
Location: Academic II, Room 2309 (room updated 06/20/07)

Psychology of Personality
The study of how diverse psychological systems combine to form a coherent, unique individual. Three competing traditions are discussed: the observationist approach (studying people in depth through careful observation); the psychometric approach (personality and intelligence testing); and the experimental approach (manipulating one set of psychological systems to see how others respond).
BPS3760.21 / 4 credits
Gretchen Barnable
Wed, 6:30–10:05 p.m.
Sept. 5–Dec. 12
Location: Academic II, Room 2309 (room updated 08/29/07)

American Film, Reflections of a Century I: 1900–1949
Early films depict the transition from the Victorian era to the Industrial Age, the birth of big cities, the suffragette movement, and the development of narrative cinema. Topics include: World War I and the introduction of the propaganda film; the wild Jazz Age; the cynical gangster movies; the protest films of the Depression era; and the rise of escapist films.
CSS3075.46 / 4 credits
FTF3075.46 / 4 credits
Richard Connolly
Thurs, 6:30–10:05 p.m.
Sept. 6–Dec. 13
Location: Academic I, Room 1106 (room updated 06/13/07)

This course is held on the Purchase College campus:
Senior Capstone
An intensive research and writing course, which culminates in a 12–15 page biographical research paper. Completed on the Purchase campus, this course is required for all matriculated students in the Purchase at Rockland and Purchase at Peekskill programs and Liberal Studies students on the Purchase campus who matriculated in Fall 2005 or later.
Section A:
AHU4800.45 / 4 credits
CSS4800.45 / 4 credits
Melissa Febos (updated 07/06/07)
Mon., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Sept. 10–Dec. 17
Humanities Bldg., Room 1076
Section B:
AHU4800.46 / 4 credits
CSS4800.46 / 4 credits
John Battenfeld (updated 07/06/07)
Tues., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Sept. 11–Dec. 18
Humanities Bldg., Room 2018
Section C:
AHU4800.47 / 4 credits
CSS4800.47 / 4 credits
Melissa Febos (updated 07/06/07/)
Thurs., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Sept. 6–Dec. 20
Humanities Bldg., Room 1076
Section D:
CANCELLED:  both sections 08/24/07
/ 4 credits
CSS4800.48 / 4 credits
John Battenfeld
Sat., 9:30 a.m.–1:15 p.m.
Sept. 8–Dec. 15
Humanities Bldg., Room 1072

Posted May 18, 2007

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