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Fall 2005 Courses

Conflict Resolution
This course introduces the range of dispute resolution techniques increasingly used in the courts as alternatives to the trial process, and in schools and communities to resolve personal, social, and political conflicts: negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Topics include other procedures, such as mini-trials, early neutral evaluation, and settlement conferences. Students develop dispute resolution skills while practicing in structured role-play.
CSO3010.20 (4 upper-level Social Science credits/Legal Elective)
Cort Engelken
Monday, 6:30pm-9:50pm
Location: Academic II, Room 2306

Film and Artistic Expression
This course is an exploration of the often uneasy and tenuous relationship between the business and artistic aspects of film. It investigates three categories: cinema's business origins and aspects; films that concern and depict artistic process; and a critical/historical evaluation of films as artistic works. The course defines and examines film as an aesthetic medium from many perspectives, including the basic grammar of film; the notion of individual genres and film forms; how certain applied arts like set design, lighting, and sound function as part of the artistic process; and the notion of auteurship. The most successful films manage to function as both art and entertainment. This course attempts to explain why this fine balance is so rarely and successfully achieved.
Note: Fulfills requirement for Communications/Media Studies major.
CSS3015.45 (4 upper-level Social Science credits)
FTF3015.45 (4 upper-level Art credits)
Richard Connolly
Tuesday, 6:30pm-9:50pm
Location: Library, Room 4010

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Middle Eastern Cultures: Texts and Films
This course explores the various cultures in the Middle East, especially Turkey, Iran, Egypt, and Israel. Some time will be devoted to minorities within a larger context. The works chosen raise awareness of human rights issues and the threat of radical religious fanaticism. Both fiction and non-fiction works are used.
AHU3020.45 (4 upper-level Humanities credits)
Michael Taub
Wednesday, 6:30pm-9:50pm
Location: Building D, D42

The Law and Film
This course will examine how law functions, or malfunctions, using contemporary films to illustrate the criminal justice system in the United States. Student review and compare a series of movies against literature and real life. Subjects covered include arrest, interrogation, the right to an attorney, preparation for trail, jury selection, and the conduct of a trial from opening statements to examinations and cross-examinations of witnesses, sentencing, and imprisonment.
CSS3055.46 (4 upper-level Social Science credits/Legal Elective or Communications Elective)
FTF3055.46 (4 upper-level Art credits)
Basil Apostle
Thursday, 6:30pm-9:50pm
Location: Academic II, Room 2106

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Senior Capstone
This course is a graduation requirement for matriculated students in Purchase College at Rockland Community College program, to be completed on the Westchester campus.
The purpose of the Senior Capstone course is to enable students to synthesize their individual learning experiences by completing part of a biography. This is an intensive research and writing course.

Section A:
AHU4990.45 (4 upper-level Humanities credits)
CSS4990.45 (4 upper-level Social Science credits)
Jane Maher
Wednesday, 6:30pm-9:50pm
Location: Humanities 1076, Purchase College

Section B:
AHU4990.46 (4 upper-level Humanities credits)
CSS4990.46 (4 upper-level Social Science credits)
Saturday, 9:00am-12:35pm
Location: Social Science 1004, Purchase College

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