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Fall 2004 Courses

Americans and Their Animals
This interdisciplinary course encourages students to engage in critical thinking as they examine the myth and reality of animals in our culture. By comparing historic and contemporary readings from authors in the fields of natural science, social science and the humanities, (such as Rene Descartes, Dr. Jane Goodall, Chief Seattle and Theodore Roosevelt) students will consider the role wild animals, companion animals, laboratory animals and farm animals have played in shaping our American identity.

Law and the Family
The law touches every home from conception to the grave and beyond. Family interactions between spouses, parents, children, and elders are dictated by rights and duties defined in the law. This course explores how the law weaves in and out of family structures in an attempt to protect and preserve certain rights and values.
CSO3479.20 (4 credits, upper-level Social Science credit)

Short Fiction
An examination of the "middle genre" encompassing the novella and the short novel. Readings provide ample opportunity to sample works embodying the intensity of short fiction and some of the expanded characterization and plot development of the novel. Readings include several significant 19th and 20th century authors from many countries.
ALI3409.20 (4 credits, upper-level Humanities general education requirement)

Counseling and Psychotherapy
A study of the basic theories and their applications in counseling and psychotherapy. Theories studied include: behavior therapy; drug therapy; interpersonal psychotherapy; psychoanalysis; group, art, movement, and the "newer" therapies. Variations on the above as applied to different clinical populations are emphasized, as are issues of research and ethics in counseling and psychotherapeutic practice.
BPS3739.20 (4 credits, upper-level Natural Science credit)

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