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Fall 2003 Courses

Advanced Business Law
This class is a comprehensive approach to specific practical Business Law topics, which include:  the financial and legal aspects of running a business, contract law, business organizations, real estate law, leases, financial planning; and constitutional law and criminal law as applicable to the operation of a business enterprise. Commercial and consumer laws (including the lemon law) are also covered.

Conflict Resolution
Introduces the range of dispute resolution techniques increasingly used in the courts as alternatives to the trial process, and in schools and communities to resolve personal, social, and political conflicts. Students are exposed to the theory and practice of the three primary forms of these techniques: negotiation, meditation, and arbitration. Topics include a survey of other procedures, such as mini-trials, early neutral evaluation, and settlement conferences. Students also develop dispute resolution skills, such as the ability to define a conflict and its origin and to practice conflict resolution theory in structured role-play.

Window on Culture: The Teen Film through the Decades
Movies are products of the time in which they are made and reflect the ideologies of their day. Economics, political and social developments through the decades from the 1940's to the year 2000, and how they are represented in films of the teen genre will be examined in this course. By looking at the Post WWII years, counter-culture films, the brat-pack movies and more, students will analyze changing representations, the importance of politics and economics, the powerful influence of music, and the effects of these factors on film and culture.

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