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Continuing Education - Undergraduate Credit

Fall 2016 Credit Courses: Philosophy/Religion

Spirituality and Nature
An exploration of writings, cultural traditions, activities, and lifestyles that involve spiritual interaction with nature. Through appreciating models of nature-consciousness, the goal is to deepen and sustain students’ awareness of the natural world, to develop actions and voices for expressing and clarifying that awareness in the present environmental context, and to modify environmentally destructive habits.
REL3400 / 4 credits
Noncredit option: $625
Suzanne Ironbiter
Wed., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Aug. 31–Dec. 14
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Buddhist Ideas and Practice
Investigates practical Indian, Tibetan, and Zen teachings and their relationship to meditative practice, somatic awareness, ethical engagement, and personal and collective well-being. Students evaluate how people learn, know, and do what is good, i.e., that which promotes individual and collective health and happiness. The effects and applications of these practices and teachings are also explored.
REL3450 / 4 credits
Noncredit option: $625
Suzanne Ironbiter
Mon., 6:30–9:50 p.m.
Aug. 29–Dec. 12
Room: Refer to the online schedule

Posted Mar. 28, 2016

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