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Continuing Education - Professional Certificate Programs

Teaching Artists: Developing a Reflective Practice

This program is not being offered in 2013–14.

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About the Certificate Program
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About the Instructors

About the Certificate Program

Recognizing the role of the artist as a vital component of education, this certificate program for teaching artists is designed to give artists the skills necessary to produce viable residencies. In the program’s courses, you will work with top-rate art educators from across the field and interact with other artists as you develop and deepen your understanding of the demands an artist encounters in residencies. Build your knowledge and capacity to work alongside teachers and arts specialists in pre-K–12 classrooms and community settings, and create and implement best-practice residency programs that support learning in and through the arts. Completing the program will give you a multitude of resources to draw from as you pursue residency work.

To qualify for the certificate, students must:

  1. submit a Certificate Form of Intent
  2. achieve a “Pass” designation in coursework from the instructors
  3. submit a Certificate Request Form after all requirements have been met
  4. submit a Professional Certificate Program Survey

Program Prerequisites
This certificate program is for practicing artists interested in building a knowledge base and capacity for bringing their skills into the classroom. A bachelor’s degree is helpful but not necessary. Students must activate their Purchase College email account after registering.

Required Courses

  1. Philosophy of Arts in Education
  2. Teaching Strategies and Tactics
  3. Methods and Teaching Workshop-Practicum

Elective Courses (choose two)

  1. Instructional Design: Elementary
  2. Instructional Design: Middle/High School
  3. Instructional Design: Community Settings
  4. Professional Practice
  5. Fine-Tune Your Skills: Professional Development for Teaching Artists and Educators series at ArtsWestchester (these four workshops count as one elective course)

Optional Artist Residency
Students may participate in an artist residency in a local school or community center as available through Purchase College. Residencies secured by the student must be approved by the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education.

In addition to the tuition, there is a $25 nonrefundable registration fee paid once per semester. (This is not applicable to ArtsWestchester’s “Fine-Tune Your Skills” workshops.)

Updated Sept. 22, 2014

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