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Social Media Marketing: Course Descriptions

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Note: Courses in this program are on campus, and most have a hybrid component. Please visit for details.

Social Media Marketing: Strategies and Tactics
Explore the realm of social media marketing and how it is revolutionizing the marketing landscape. Through case studies, discussions, and interactive exercises, learn about the history of communities and how to define and evaluate social media. Examine and assess the roles of the consumer, online communities, crowd sourcing, and the impact of new technologies and changing lifestyles. Identify market leaders and key tools, and learn how to effectively integrate them into your marketing mix.

Social Media 101
Before you create your first social media marketing campaign, you need to understand what social media actually is and how others use it. Set up your accounts, learn basic terminology, and explore how social media is used in the business world. If you are not proficient in the use of social media, this course is a critical step in preparing for the certificate program.

Social Media Marketing: Using the Tools of the Trade
How does one create a viral marketing campaign in the digital world? Develop expertise in social media marketing by immersing yourself in practical online applications. Master real-world tools and best practices for effective communications via user-generated platforms and integrate them into your marketing strategies.

To Tweet or not to Tweet? There is no question—savvy marketers need to stay on the cutting edge. There is no better way to dynamically connect with audiences than via Twitter. Learn how to tap into this amazing community of people from around the world to find out what they are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. Create and maintain your own Twitter account and messaging. Discover ways to engage the community, build your following, drive communications, and reinforce your brand.

Facebook and Google+
Discover why Facebook initiatives add substantial value to any marketing campaign. Learn how to create and maximize a Facebook page, how to engage the Facebook community, and how to drive traffic. Explore and evaluate Facebook applications and advertising campaigns, discover why they are effective, and learn how to integrate them into your overall marketing plans.

Considered word-of-mouth on steroids, blogs are a key platform in launching any successful marketing campaign. Marketers can effectively engage their target audiences via honest two-way communication—building credibility, enthusiasm, and customer evangelism along the way. Discover how the blogosphere has changed the face of marketing, advertising, public relations, and content development. Create and maintain your own blog, actively engage in blogger outreach, and integrate these tactics into your overall social network marketing strategies.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
Search engine marketing (SEM) is an effective advertising strategy for increasing your online visibility. Through case studies, discussions, and hands-on practice, learn the fundamentals of organic and paid search, contextual listings, pay-per-click campaigns, and paid inclusion. Create and maintain your own Google and Facebook pay-per-click campaigns, build keyword lists, and optimize copy to drive conversions. Students will be required to fund a $40 advertising campaign on their own charge card.

Social Media Bootcamp
Gain an overview of the current social media landscape and learn which tools or social platforms best fit your organization’s strategic goals. Explore the current social media landscape and learn how it can be used for maximum results. Review social media platforms and trends to understand how to tailor social media tools to existing business strategies for monitoring and return on investment (ROI) in this hands-on workshop.

Updated April 11, 2016

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