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Arts Management (Credit): Course Descriptions

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Please note that the syllabi posted are not necessarily updated for the semester or the latest version. Students should verify the book requirements with the Purchase College Bookstore.

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Fundamentals of Arts Management
This introductory survey provides an overview of management principles and entities common in both the nonprofit and commercial sectors, preparing students for upper-level courses in the arts management program. Topics include arts business goals and planning, history of arts management, leadership and organizational structure, programming, marketing and public relations, funding and finance, volunteerism and advocacy, and arts and entertainment law.
Prerequisite: At least 3 credits in literary, performing, or visual arts history, theory, or practice, or permission of instructor
AMG1100 / 4 credits and noncredit option

online courses iconFunding the Arts
An introduction to fund development for growing and sustaining businesses in the arts. Topics include prospect research, proposal development, special events, corporate sponsorship, capitalization, and internet-based fundraising. Students also examine the history of U.S. arts and cultural philanthropy. Guest speakers and case studies give students an opportunity to apply concepts and techniques to real-world arts organizations.
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in AMG 1100, and in AMG 2200 or ECO 2085, or permission of instructor*
AMG3100 / 4 credits and noncredit option
*AMG 2200 and ECO 2085 are offered in the BA program, but not in this certificate program. Students who have not taken AMG 1100 and either AMG 2200 or ECO 2085 must obtain permission of instructor.

online courses iconArts and Entertainment Law
An introduction to fundamental legal and business concepts that affect artists and arts managers, with emphasis on copyright protection and infringement. Students study and analyze artist agreements, amendment protections for symbolic and literal speech and the limits to those protections, the basics of contract law and statutory protection for artists, and the terms and nature of business relationships, plus other important areas of the law that affect the arts community.
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in AMG 1100 or permission of instructor
AMG3170 / 4 credits and noncredit option

online courses iconMarketing the Arts
Provides an overview of fundamental marketing concepts and strategies relevant to promoting artists, events, and creative products. Topics include market research, audience development, traditional advertising, digital campaigns, public relations, branding, strategic partnerships, and grassroots initiatives. Using real-world examples and current communication tools, students develop foundational knowledge of the theory and practice of arts marketing.
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in AMG 1100 or permission of instructor
AMG3520 / 4 credits and noncredit option

Internship in Arts Management
This internship provides students with practical experience in the field, a professional résumé credit, and the opportunity to assess their future career potential in visual, media, or performing arts management. A minimum of 112.5 on-site internship hours and an academic project (defined by the faculty sponsor) are required. Limited to nonmatriculated students enrolled in the arts management certificate program.
Note: Before registering, students must: (a) schedule an in- person or phone appointment with the certificate advisor in the School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education—call (914) 251-6500 to schedule an appointment; (b) research and secure their sponsoring organization; and (c) complete a learning contract.
Prerequisite: AMG 1100 and 3520, and permission of instructor
AMG3995 / 3 credits

Updated May 16, 2016

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