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The Anthropology BA Program: Academic Requirements

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all anthropology majors must complete the following requirements (35–39 credits):

  1. The following courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher:
    • ANT 1500/Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology: 3 credits
    • ANT 3150/Classics in Anthropological Literature: 4 credits
    • ANT 3560/Fieldwork: Qualitative Methods: 4 credits
    • ANT 4070/Current Anthropological Literature: 4 credits
    • Four anthropology electives in the student’s chosen concentration: 12–16 credits
  2. SPJ 4990/Senior Project I: 4 credits
  3. SPJ 4991/Senior Project II: 4 credits

Anthropology majors are encouraged to undertake an internship, study-abroad opportunity, or community-action independent study. Students may petition to take credit-bearing internships with anthropology faculty sponsors in lieu of one upper-level elective for the major.

Concentration 1: General Anthropology
The four anthropology electives must include at least one course in the each of the other three concentrations.

Note: New and reinstated courses may be added to the following concentrations. Students should consult their advisor to determine whether a new or reinstated course counts toward a specific concentration.

Concentration 2: World Cultures
ANT 1010/Nigerian/Hausa Language and Culture
ANT 2055/Urban Life in Africa (replaced by ANT 3255)
ANT 2235/Islam in the American Imagination*
ANT 2330/New Immigrants in the U.S.*
ANT 2410/Environment and Sustainable Development in South Asia*
ANT 2460/Anthropology for the Public: Social Justice and Advocacy (added
    Spring 2016)

ANT 3190/Urban Anthropology
ANT 3255/Urban Life in Africa (added Spring 2015)
HIS 3455/Archaeological Issues in the Southern Levant
HIS 3585/Archaeology of Empires: The Ancient World (added Spring 2016)
ANT 4100/Alternative Economies (title modified Fall 2014)
ANT 4160/Material Cultures (title modified Fall 2014)
ANT 4860/Special Topic: Geographic Area
*Discontinued 8/28/15

Concentration 3: Anthropology and the Arts
ANT 2250/Film and Anthropology
ANT 2320/Performing Arts in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANT 2460/Anthropology for the Public: Social Justice and Advocacy (added
    Spring 2016)

ANT 2470/Museum Anthropology
ANT 2550/Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion (replaced by ANT 2555 and 3215)
ANT 2610/Introduction to Ethnomusicology
ANT 3070/Myth and Ritual
ANT 3185/Global Media, Local Cultures
ANT 3275/Los Angeles/Mumbai: Cinematic City Cross-Culturally*
ANT 3345/Media and Performance in Africa (title modified Fall 2015)
ANT 3380/Avant-Garde Cultures and Everyday Life
ANT 3410/Anthropology of Art and Aesthetics
ANT 3415/Anthropology of Sound and Listening (title modified Fall 2014)
ANT 3540/Sensing and Knowing in Anthropology, Psychology, and the Arts
HIS 3585/Archaeology of Empires: The Ancient World (added Spring 2016)
ANT 3600/Japan: Aesthetics, Politics, Modernity (title revised Fall 2014)
ANT 3610/Gender and Popular Culture in South Asia**
*Discontinued 8/28/15 | **Discontinued 10/02/15

Concentration 4: Kinship, Identities, and Power
ANT 2175/Language, Culture, and Society
ANT 2340/Drugs, Bodies, Design
ANT 2460/Anthropology for the Public: Social Justice and Advocacy (added
    Spring 2016)

ANT 2755/Global Sexualities
ANT 3390/Critical Perspectives on Language and Culture
HIS 3585/Archaeology of Empires: The Ancient World (added Spring 2016)

Refer to The Senior Project for additional information.

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