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The Literature BA Program and Minor: Course Sequences

Additional courses may be added to the lists below. To find out if a new or reinstated course falls into one of these categories, students should consult with their faculty advisor.

For the minor in literature:
Comparative literature courses in the sequences are indicated with an asterisk.

Sequence I: Before 1750
Sequence II: 1750–1900
Sequence III: 1900–Present
Examples of Other Comparative Literature Courses

Sequence I: Before 1750
LIT 2080/The Ancient Epic*
HIS 2120/Princes, Priests, and Peasants*
THP 2205/Shakespeare Then and Now*
THP 2885/Theatre Histories I*
LIT 3127/Early Modern English Poetry
LIT 3140/Medieval English Literature*
THP 3140/Medieval and Renaissance English Drama*
LIT 3150/Chaucer
LIT 3155/Renaissance in England
LIT 3160/Literature of the High Middle Ages*
PHI 3205/Shakespeare and Philosophy (added Spring 2015)
LIT 3220/The Renaissance in Europe*
LIT 3250/Milton
SPA 3705/Cervantes
SPA 3710/Cervantes (taught in Spanish)
LIT 3825/British Poetry I: Beginnings to 1650
LIT 4050/The Bible in Medieval and Early Modern Literature* (added
    Spring 2017)
LIT 4180/Dante and Medieval Culture*

Sequence II: 1750–1900
LIT 2375/Classics of European Fiction*
LIT 2560/Survey of U.S. Literature I*
LIT 2570/Survey of U.S. Literature II
LIT 3003/Dostoevsky and Tolstoy*
LIT 3121/Comparative 19th-Century Novel*
LIT 3271/The Age of Reason
LIT 3315/The 19th-Century Novel in the U.S. (reinstated Spring 2015)
LIT 3320/The 19th-Century British Novel
LIT 3330/Romanticism I
LIT 3340/Romanticism II
LIT 3355/Romanticism and Empire
LIT 3369/Victorian Poetry
LIT 3491/Goethe to Kundera*
LIT 3540/Emerson
LIT 3541/Reinventing the American Renaissance
LIT 3581/Realism and Naturalism in U.S. Literature
LIT 3630/Melville
LIT 3673/Austen (added Spring 2015)
LIT 4675/George Eliot and Henry James (added Fall 2014)
LIT 4685/Whitman and Dickinson

Sequence III: 1900–Present
LIT 1190/Modernism: The 20th Century*
LIT 2100/Introduction to African American Literature
LIT 2195/Italian American Literature and Popular Culture
THP 2885/American Drama: From O’Neill to Albee
LIT 2675/Literature and the City*
LIT 2825/Modernism and the Metropolis*
LIT 2855/Israeli Literature
LIT 2872/The Golden Land: American Jewish Literature and Film
LIT 3090/Wright, Ellison, Baldwin
LIT 3093/Immigration and Ethnicity in U.S. Literature
HIS 3180/British Culture and Society in the 20th Century
LIT 3195/The Vietnam War in U.S. Literature and Film
LIT 3215/South Asian Literature*
LIT 3226/Literature of Decolonization in South Asia*
LIT 3265/Kafka
LIT 3266/Kafka to Roth* (added Spring 2015)
LIT 3310/Modern Poetry in the U.S. and Latin America*
SPA 3370/Lettered Cities: The Literatures of Latin American
    Cities (added Spring 2015)
LIT 3380/Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
LIT 3415/Global Metafictions*
LIT 3420/Modern Poetry*
HIS 3424/Modern and Postcolonial France*
THP 3460/Contemporary British Drama*
LIT 3490/James Joyce
THP 3495/Black American Drama
LIT 3555/Modern British Literature
LIT 3575/Virginia Woolf
LIT 3605/Jazz and the Literary Imagination (added Spring 2015)
SPA 3610/Modern Spanish Literature*
SPA 3630/The Modern Latin American Novel*
CWR 3653/Writing Women: Women Fiction Writers of the
    20th and 21st Centuries
LIT 3680/Surrealism and Its Legacy*
LIT 3685/Modern Novel of Latin America (in English)*
THP 3690/American Theatre in Our Time
LIT 3695/Contemporary U.S. Literature
LIT 3696/Contemporary Literatures in English:
    Multicultural Britain and Postcolonial Global Culture*
JST 3709/Theatrical Representations of the Holocaust*
FRE 3710/Classics of French Literature on Film
LIT 3725/Literature of the Holocaust*
LIT 3735/Contemporary Autobiography* (added Spring 2015;
    replaced by LIT 3745 Spring 2016)

LIT 3745/Identity and Self-Fashioning (added Spring 2016)
THP 3750/European Drama in Our Time*
LIT 3816/Modern British Novel
LIT 3839/The Modern Novel*
LIT 3845/Zora Neale Hurston (added Spring 2016)
LIT 4190/Williams and Faulkner
LIT 4200/Marcel Proust
LIT 4690/Contemporary U.S. Poetry

Examples of Other Comparative Literature Courses
Additional courses may be added to the list below. To find out if a new or reinstated course falls into one of these categories, students should check with their faculty advisor. Please note that these courses do not fulfill the sequence requirement.

LIT 1140/The West and Others
LIT 1150/Border Crossings
LIT 2387/Literature of the South Asian Diaspora
PHI 2835/Happiness: Philosophy, Film, Literature
LIT 3025/Women and Film
LIT 3037/Literature of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (replaced by
    LIT 3047 Fall 2016)

LIT 3047/Literature and Film of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (added Fall 2016)
FRE 3067/French Caribbean Literature
LIT 3157/Novel Pairings (added Fall 2016)
THP 3250/Theories of Drama and Performance
LIT 3275/Satire
POL 3307/Politics and Memoir (added Spring 2014)
THP 3520/Gay and Lesbian Theatre and Performance
THP 3600/Women and Drama
THP 3620/Shakespeare and Film
LIT 3676/Short Narrative
SPA 3687/The Idea of Latin America
THP 3700/Theatre and Revolutions
LIT 3940/Literature of War (added Fall 2014)

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