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The Language and Culture Program:
Arabic Courses

Courses in Arabic have been discontinued, effective Spring 2013.

Discontinued Spring 2013 (9/28/12):
Beginning Arabic I
ARA 1010
/ 4 credits / Fall
For beginning students and those with rudimentary training in Arabic. The course emphasizes reading, writing, and speaking by involving students in situations that concretely express the concepts of the language. Credit for this course is only awarded after successful completion of ARA 1020.

Discontinued Spring 2013 (9/28/12):
Beginning Arabic II
ARA 1020
/ 4 credits / Spring
A continuation of ARA 1010. Students increase their fluency and confidence in comprehension through discussions of simple stories and increased grammar drills. Situations are presented and discussed in Arabic.
Prerequisite: ARA 1010

Updated Sept. 28, 2012

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