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The Language and Culture Program:
Minor in Linguistics and Courses

Minor in Linguistics
The minor in linguistics is designed for students who are fascinated by language. Linguistics investigates language as a self-contained system (sounds, words, sentences), as a component of culture and society, and as a cognitive and neurological operation of individuals. It also intersects with a range of academic disciplines whose subject matter, in one way or another, involves language. Therefore, this minor is valuable for students whose primary field of study is language, sociology, anthropology, music, psychology, philosophy, or literature.

Students interested in the minor should consult with the coordinator of the minor in linguistics and submit a completed Application for a Program of Minor Study to the School of Humanities main office.

Academic Requirements for the Minor in Linguistics
Five courses (19–20 credits), as follows:

  • LAC 3430/An Introduction to Linguistics: 4 credits
  • And four electives, chosen from the following:
    ANT 2175/Language, Culture, and Society: 3 credits
    ANT 3390/Critical Perspectives on Language and Culture: 4 credits
    FRE 3730/Translation Theory and
        FRE 3735/French Translation: 4 credits
    LAC 3000/Syntax and Semantics: 4 credits
    LAC 3350/Methods of Language Teaching: 4 credits
    PHI 2120/Methods of Reasoning: 4 credits (added 10/29/14)
    PHI 3385/Language, Thought, and Reality: 4 credits
    PSY 3320/Language and Thought: 4 credits
    PSY 3405/Psychology of Music: 4 credits (removed 6/16/15)
    SPA 3730/Translation Theory and
        SPA 3735/Spanish Translation: 4 credits

Note: FRE 3730 and 3735 count as one elective and must be taken together. Likewise, SPA 3730 and 3735 count as one elective and must be taken together.

Courses for the Minor in Linguistics

Required Course

Course prefix changed Fall 2014 (6/24/14):
An Introduction to Linguistics
LAC 3430
/ 4 credits / Alternate years
An introduction to basic linguistic concepts, providing a background for understanding how language works and is used in everyday life. Topics include core areas of linguistics (e.g., phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics) and more applied areas of language study (e.g., sociolinguistics and second language acquisition).
Formerly offered as SPA and FRE 3430.


Methods of Reasoning
PHI 2120
Refer to Philosophy Courses for description.

Language, Culture, and Society
ANT 2175
Refer to Anthropology Courses (School of Natural and Social Sciences) for description.

Added Spring 2015 (6/24/14):
Syntax and Semantics
LAC 3000
/ 4 credits / Alternate years (Spring)
An introduction to the study of syntax and its relationship to interpretation and meaning (semantics). Data from English and other languages are used to illustrate the basic principles and parameters that govern language facility. The course progresses from an introduction of the basic notions of syntactic theory to more complex phenomena observed in the world’s languages.

Language and Thought
PSY 3320
Refer to Psychology Courses (School of Natural and Social Sciences) for description.

Added Fall 2014 (12/12/13), prefix changed from SPA to LAC (6/25/14):
Methods of Language Teaching
LAC 3350
/ 4 credits / Alternate years (Fall)
A survey of various teaching methods in second language instruction. Students become familiar with the theories of language learning that underlie these methodologies. Open to all students interested in second language teaching methods.

Language, Thought, and Reality
PHI 3385
Refer to Philosophy Courses for description.

Critical Perspectives on Language and Culture
ANT 3390
Refer to Anthropology Courses (School of Natural and Social Sciences) for description.

Translation Theory and French Translation
FRE 3730
and 3735 Refer to French Courses for descriptions.

Translation Theory and Spanish Translation
SPA 3730
and 3735 Refer to Spanish Courses for descriptions.

Updated June 16, 2015

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