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The Latin American Studies BA Program: Academic Requirements

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all Latin American studies majors must complete the following requirements (37–43 credits):

Examples of Electives

Art History (School of Humanities):
ARH 3335/Latin American Art in the Age of Globalization
ARH 3815/Mexican Art From the Revolution to the NAFTA Era
ARH 4590/Pre-Columbian Aesthetics in Modern Latin American Art
ARH 4775/Performance Art in the West African Diaspora

Cinema Studies (School of Film and Media Studies):
CIN 3000/Cinema and Revolution
CIN 3080/Mexican Cinema
CIN 3245/Latin American Cinema

Environmental Studies (School of Natural and Social Sciences):
ENV 3420/Tropical Ecosystems

History (School of Humanities):
HIS 2005/Modern Latin America
HIS 2170/Colonial Latin America
HIS 2215/Latinos and Cities in the Americas
HIS 2540/Society and Culture in Modern Brazil
HIS 3005/Representations of Latinos and Latinas in American Film,
HIS 3395/Nation and Revolution in Latin America
HIS 3555/African Diasporas in the Americas
HIS 3625/Slaves and Enslavement in the Americas
HIS 3685/Sex and Gender in Latin America
HIS 3855/Oral History Workshop

Language and Culture (School of Humanities):

French Language and Culture:
FRE 3067/French Caribbean Literature
Spanish Language and Culture:
SPA 3211/Spanish and Latin American Cinema
SPA 3365/Languages and Cultures of Spanish-Speaking Countries*
SPA 3370/Lettered Cities: The Literatures of Latin American Cities
SPA 3630/The Modern Latin American Novel*
SPA 3687/The Idea of Latin America
SPA 3700/The Latin American Short Story*
*Taught in Spanish

Literature (School of Humanities):
LIT 3685/Modern Novel of Latin America

Music (Conservatory of Music):
MTH 2230/World Music and Jazz Traditions

Political Science (School of Natural and Social Sciences):
POL 3130/Immigration: Policies, Problems, and Politics
POL 3300/Development and Politics of Latin America
POL 3307/Politics and Memoir
POL 3340/U.S./Latin American Relations
POL 3361/Cuba, Latin America, and the U.S.
POL 3570/Human Rights

Sociology (School of Natural and Social Sciences):
SOC 1030/Cultural Activism in Latin America
SOC 3661/Border Wars and Transnational Human Rights

Theatre and Performance (Conservatory of Theatre Arts):
THP 3650/Contemporary U.S. Latino Theatre

Updated June 2, 2016

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