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The Media, Society, and the Arts BA Program:
Academic Requirements

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, students majoring in media, society, and the arts must complete a minimum of 10–11 courses with a grade of C or higher and an 8-credit senior project (40 credits minimum total) as follows:

  1. MSA 1050/Introduction to Media Studies (3 credits)
  2. MSA 2200/Media Institutions and Forms (3 credits)
  3. MSA 3200/Media Ethnographies or
    MSA 3410/Visual/Social Analysis: A Practicum (4 credits)
  4. MSA 3400/Critical Perspectives on Media, Society, and the Arts (4 credits)
  5. Three electives (at least 9 credits total)
  6. One course in art history (visual or performing) or media history (at least 3 credits)
  7. Two or three courses in studio art and/or media production (at least 6 credits total)
  8. SPJ 4990/Senior Project I (4 credits)
  9. SPJ 4991/Senior Project II (4 credits)

Examples of Elective Courses
New courses may be added to the following lists. Students should consult their advisor to determine whether a course not on these lists fulfills the elective requirement.

Anthropology (School of Natural & Social Sciences):
ANT 2175/Language, Culture, and Society
ANT 2250/Film and Anthropology
ANT 2320/Performing Arts in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANT 2340/Drugs, Bodies, Design
ANT 2470/Museum Anthropology
ANT 2610/Introduction to Ethnomusicology
ANT 3175/Media Representations and Identity
ANT 3185/Global Media, Local Cultures
ANT 3275/Los Angeles/Mumbai: Cinema City Cross-Culturally
ANT 3345/Theatre and Performance in Africa
ANT 3380/Avant-Garde Cultures and Everyday Life
ANT 3410/Anthropology of Art and Aesthetics
ANT 3415/Anthropology of Sound and Listening (title modified
ANT 3540/Sensing and Knowing in Anthropology,
    Psychology, and the Arts
ANT 3610/Gender and Popular Culture in South Asia

Cinema Studies:
CIN 3330/Genres of Affect

Media, Society, and the Arts:
MSA 2235/Computers and Culture
MSA 2700/Locative Media: Place and Mobility (discontinued
MSA 3120/Riot Grrls and Radical Women
MSA 3150/Outsider Art
MSA 3160/Queer Media Convergence
MSA 3350/The Body: Medium and Message
MSA 4110/Lively Geographies (added Spring 2015)
MSA 4160/Material Cultures (title modified 1/08/14)
MSA 4750/Special Topics in Media, Society, and the Arts

Literature (School of Humanities):
LIT 2195/Italian-American Literature and Popular Culture

New Media:
NME 3010/Cross-Cultural Video Production
NME 3040/Internet as Public Art

Philosophy (School of Humanities):
PHI 2780/Philosophy of Art: From Plato to Postmodernism

Theatre and Performance (Conservatory of Theatre Arts):
THP 3250/Theories of Drama and Performance

Updates to the 2013–15 College Catalog

Effective Fall 2014:

  • The senior project (formerly MSA 4990, two semesters, 8 credits total) is now SPJ 4990/Senior Project I and MSA 4991/Senior Project II, 4 credits each.
  • A third elective has been added to the requirements—formerly two electives (at least 6 credits total), now three electives (at least 9 credits total). This is intended to better prepare students for the upper-level courses in methodology and media theory, and for the senior project. It increases the credit total for the major from 37 to 40.

Updated June 24, 2014

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For current majors:
Graduation Plans

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