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The Cinema Studies BA Program: Academic Requirements

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all cinema studies majors must meet the following requirements (53–54 credits):

  1. CIN 1500/Introduction to Cinema Studies I (4 credits)
  2. CIN 1510/Introduction to Cinema Studies II (4 credits)
  3. One art history course (3–4 credits), chosen from the following or approved by the cinema studies program coordinator:
    ARH 1020/History of Art Survey II
    ARH 1060/Touchstones of Modern Art
    ARH 1070/The Work of Images: The Function of Art in Western Culture
    ARH 2050/Introduction to Modern Art
    ARH 2060/Art Since 1945
  4. One of the following courses (4 credits):
    CIN 2000/Close Analysis
    CIN 2240/Research Practicum: Silent Cinema
    CIN 2500/Principles of Montage
  5. Six upper-level elective courses in cinema studies* (24 credits total)
    *Learning assistantships, internships, and independent studies cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.
  6. CIN 3890/Cinema Studies Junior Seminar (4 credits)
  7. CIN 4890/Cinema Studies Senior Colloquium (2 credits)
  8. SPJ 4990/Senior Project I (4 credits)
  9. SPJ 4991/Senior Project II (4 credits)


  1. A grade of B or higher is required in CIN 1500 and 1510.
  2. To advance to the sophomore year, students must pass a qualifying examination in film history and aesthetics, which is given at the end of the freshman year.

Updated Mar. 18, 2016

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