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The Theatre Design/Technology BFA Program:
Academic Requirements & Concentrations

In addition to meeting general degree requirements, all undergraduate theatre design/technology majors must complete the following requirements. Up to 8 credits of theatre history (ACT 1250 and 2100) may be counted toward the liberal arts requirement (30 credits minimum) for the degree.

Freshman Year (all students): 25 credits
Fall: 13 credits
ACT 1250/Dramatic Structure 4 credits
TDT 1100/Stagecraft* 3 credits
TDT 1120/Production I* 3 credits
TDT 1200/Design Fundamentals* 3 credits
*Prerequisite for all courses above the 1000 level
Spring: 12 credits
TDT 1080/Drafting 3 credits
TDT 1110/Stagecraft* 3 credits
TDT 1130/Production I* 3 credits
TDT 1210/Design Fundamentals* 3 credits
*Part Two

Sophomore through Senior Year:
Academic Requirements by Concentration

Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Costume Technology
Stage Management
Technical Direction/Production Management

Updated April 26, 2016

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For current majors:
Graduation Plans

In consultation with your faculty advisor, the
eight-semester plans can be used as a guide to assist you in your academic planning and progress toward graduation.