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Recording Facilities

The Conservatory of Music maintains seven digital recording studios. Additional recording facilities include the Recital Hall, a 15-station digital piano lab, and two “smart” classrooms (Room 0001 and 0041). The studios are open seven days a week during the academic year and summer session and are connected via Ethernet and fiber-optic cable to the campus network. All studios are equipped with industry-standard digital audio workstations and peripherals and are kept up to date with the latest from Avid, Ableton, Waves, etc.

Except where noted, these outstanding studios are available to all music students for recording projects; however, technical (operational) access is limited to qualified studio composition and studio production engineers.

  • Studio A – Studio A has our largest control room, suitable for large classes and recording sessions. Studio A features an API 1608 analog recording console with custom desk and work area, numerous acoustic and aesthetic upgrades, multiple near- and far-field monitoring options, a Sony 24-track analog recorder, and outboard gear from Purple Audio, Empirical Labs, Drawmer, Lexicon, etc. There are advanced private-cue systems with individual mix stations and a sophisticated tie-line and patchbay network.
    Digital gear in Studio A includes Avid Pro Tools HD3 with Pro Tools 10HD, a Command 8 mix controller. Software includes the Waves Mercury bundle, Izotope RX2, Abelton Live 8, Native Instruments Komplete, and URS EQs and compressors. The live room has 18-foot ceilings with a 15-cloud variable diffuser system, a Steinway grand piano, and an impeccably restored Fender Rhodes piano.

  • Studio B – Studio B with Pro Tools 10/HD2 is a smaller control room with 30-foot ceilings that is tied into the very spacious Room 0081. Among the many improvements are API and Vintech/Neve microphone preamps, a passive monitor controller and switching, improved work area/rack systems and lighting, and advanced private-cue systems with individual mix stations. Software upgrades include Waves Mercury, Ableton Live, and Izotope RX2. Studio B is an ideal space for experimenting with distant and indirect microphone techniques, and many studio composition and jazz recitals are recorded here.

  • The Blue Room – Renovated as an Avid Pro Tools 10 HDX 5.1 surround-sound mix room, the Blue Room is the third-floor mixing and postproduction control room. Recent acoustic and design upgrades by LP Swist Associates, in conjunction with studio production master classes, have optimized the Blue Room for 5.1-surround film, television, game, and multimedia master classes. Improvements include an ICON C24 mix controller, Genelec 5.1 monitoring, permanently racked API and FMR preamps and EQs, the Waves Mercury bundle, and Izotope, Ableton, and Logic software upgrades. The conservatory’s advanced private-cue systems with individual mix stations are also here, along with a sophisticated tie-line network. The Blue Room is tied via snake to the third floor live room (3027).

  • The Yellow Room – The Yellow Room, the newest upper-level mix suite, features Avid Pro Tools 10/HDX hardware and control surfaces, and Dynaudio and Adams monitoring; Waves Mercury, Izotope RX2, URS, and more on the software side; and “correct” acoustics/monitoring and ergonomics.

  • The Green Room – The Green Room, one of our three entry-level studios, also features a full Pro Tools 10/HD2 rig. Among the improvements are a repurposed vintage Neotek console, passive monitor controller and switching, an improved work area/rack system, the conservatory’s advanced private-cue systems with individual mix stations, and a sophisticated tie-line network. Software upgrades include Waves Mercury, Izotope, Ableton, Logic Pro, and more. The Green Room is most likely the first place our students will begin to track their work. The Green Room shares access to the renovated Room 3027 as its live space, with plenty of room to track an entire band.

  • Beat Suite – Our second entry-level room, the Beat Suite has been completely redesigned and moved to more spacious accommodations, and a small live room has been added. Tailored to both live and “loop” or “sample-based” production, the Beat Suite features Avid 003 hardware with Pro Tools HD 10. The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra product, Waves Mercury, Izotope RX2, Logic Pro, Ableton, and more round out the software options. On the hardware side, there are several racked and keyboard MIDI synthesizers alongside the soft synths (computer-based synthesizers). A 32 x 8 console handles the analog signal flow.

  • Wonderland – One of our new studios, Wonderland is a cozy workstation environment featuring recent acoustic renovations by LP Swist Associates. The studio contains Avid HD 10 hardware and software plus the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra product, Waves Mercury, Logic Pro, Izotope RX2, and more.

Other Studio Facilities

The Recital Hall Studio – Primarily used for recital recordings, this control room is set up for direct-to-DAW (digital audio workstation) and direct-to-CD recording (two formats for redundancy).

Triple “O” One – The largest music technology “smart” classroom, Room 0001 is where many studio production classes are held. Room 0001 also features a Pro Tools system with large-screen projection for class participation.

Room 0041 – Featuring the conservatory’s prototype “smart cart,” Room 0041 is equipped with Pro Tools 10, a 60-foot screen, internet access, and a multichannel Firewire mixer/interface to further support the music production curriculum.

MIDI Keyboard Lab – Our 14-station MIDI keyboard lab has integrated Mac computers and sequencing/notation software.

Updated March 5, 2012

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