Conservatory of Music

photo of Hugh Murphy

Hugh Murphy


For me, making music has always been an inherent desire, which seemed natural, inevitable, and necessary, much like eating and sleeping. When one gives appropriate thought and energy to a phrase of music, one is energized in return, a process much like preparing a meal, consuming it, and being nourished by it. I find that this nourishment is increased when the musical experience is shared with others, as in an ensemble or as a teacher, coach, or performer.

Those people who decide to develop their musical abilities to a professional level need to seek out the very best instruction and apply themselves to it with the full force of their personalities. Along with ability and desire, tremendous dedication is required of those who decide to pursue a professional career.

I enjoy the responsibility, intensity, and focus of teaching in a classical conservatory. I am grateful that I have been able to spend such a large portion of my life making music, and hope that I can pass on a portion of the fulfillment and joy that I have received to a new generation of artists.